Xavier Leton
Since 2004
Works in Marseille France


Xavier Leton (xavier@villesallantvers.org) is an artist and a critic of new media. He has designed and realized confettiS.org which is an artistic site, and lettrea.com which features an art catalog.
The site confettiS.org collates animation technics, poestry, cinema, and installation practices. Through these various artistic practices, Xavier Leton sounds the reader about the deep relationship between texts and images, with the desire of eventually setting up an autonomous creation area where both readers and producers would share the various constraints underlying both actions, reading and realizing. Through constraining readings, Leton incites each visitor to directly participate to the realization of an art work, granting her a role where she may criticize both the creation process and the artist's function.
Leton was born in belgium and studied History of Arts and Anthropology at the "U.L.B". Since 1995, he has participated to exhibitions and festivals.
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[call] Inscription_Entry form_18th Instants Video || http://www.instantsvideo.com

Sat Mar 12, 2005 00:00

|| Subject: Inscription_Entry form_18th Instants Video -
|| http://www.instantsvideo.com
|| Date: jeudi 10 Mars 2005 10:49
|| From: XavierL


Dear all,

The 18th festival of the Instants Video nomads will be on in october
and november 2005.
International video art selection.
Exhibition of video installations and net art.
Screening of creation documentaries.
Meetings and discussions.

The entry form can be found on our site :

"The Instants Video are consecrated to those who didn't give up walking
on air"

Poetronicali yours
Marc Mercier, Xavier Leton for the Instants Video



Les 18es Instants Video Nomades se derouleront en octobre et novembre

Selection internationale d'art video.
Exposition d'installations video et d'art en reseau.
Programmation de documentaires de creation.
Rencontres et debats.

Vous trouverez les fiches d'inscriptions du festival sur notre site :

"Les Instants Video sont dedies a tous ceux qui n'ont pas renonces a
porter des ailes"

Marc Mercier, Xavier Leton pour les Instants Video

Instants Video Numeriques et Poetiques
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