xavier cahen
Since 2002
Works in Paris United States of America

Born 1962, he studied at the "Ecole Nationale Superior des Beaux Arts of Paris". During this period, he produced several monumental works and obtained numerous prizes. Following his graduation, yearning to travel, he decides with the aid of an American scholarship to go to live in the United States. He attends post graduate studies at Hunter College (New York).

It is in this context that his work feeds on and personalizes itself. He turns towards the domain of multi-media installations, of social and scenographic nature. Sensitive to the diversity of the situations and preoccupied with the different groups he meets, he heads towards the achievement of works in their own environment.

- www.levels9.com 2000
- Wild Exhibition (Paris) and J-J Donguy galery1998 - Tomy's room - J-J Donguy Galery (Paris)1995 - In Between - Lokaal 01 (Baarla Nassau) Netherlands1995 - La Boulangerie Ragueneau du Piano Vache (Paris) 1994 - My Little Store E 11th Street (New York) 1993 - Ecole Nationale Sup
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pourinfos Newsletter / 09-23 to 09-29-2005

Thu Sep 29, 2005 08:56

l'actualite du monde de l'art / daily Art news

infos from September 23, 2005 to September 29, 2005 (included)
(mostly in french)

01 Call : Fellowship , Center for Creative
Photography, Tucson, Arizona, Usa.
http://pourinfos.org/candidature/item.php?id 11
02 Call : Fellowship For Research On The City,
Sarai, Delhi, Inde.
http://pourinfos.org/candidature/item.php?id 10
03 Call : Fake Art: Call for Digital Web
Art/Programs, virtual museum.
http://pourinfos.org/participation/item.php?id 09
04 Call : 5th International Short Film Festival ,
Berlin, Germany.
http://pourinfos.org/participation/item.php?id 08
05 Call : cycle conference intended for the architects,
Paris ,France.
http://pourinfos.org/participation/item.php?id 07
06 Call : Figures Libres/ Free Figures, Pompidou Center, Paris,
http://pourinfos.org/participation/item.php?id 06
07 Divers : Petition, To save the Verlaine Museum,, Juniville, France.
http://pourinfos.org/divers/item.php?id 05
08 Job : assistant professor of new media/intermedia,
Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, Usa.
http://pourinfos.org/emploi/item.php?id 04
09 Meeting : Projection, Peter Greenaway, Pompidou Center, Paris,
http://pourinfos.org/rencontres/item.php?id 03
10 Publication : 05 out now, Spike Art Quartely, wien, Austria.
http://pourinfos.org/publications/item.php?id 02
11 Publication : Exporevue, magazine on line, France.
http://pourinfos.org/publications/item.php?id 01
12 Publication : n°36-37, Mouvement, Paris, France.
http://pourinfos.org/publications/item.php?id 00
13 Screening: Compilation #4, video of Latin America, Miss China
Beauty, Paris, France.
14 Screening : CIT.CIT. Platform and Treasury, Etablissement d'en
face, Brussels, Belgium.
15 Program : October, Discovered movies and videos of artist in October, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France.
16 Program : october 2005, Espace Culture Multimedia de la Maison
populaire, Montreuil, France.
17 Exhibition : performances, myrtilles, en, quartiers, libres,
montpellier, France.
18 Exhibition : videos-performances, ACTION D'ART, Grasse, France.
19 Exhibition : Versailles off, LA MARECHALERIE contemporary art center, Versailles, France.
20 Exhibition : A Told World, Parc Saint Leger, Pougues-les-Eaux,
21 Exhibition : Parabolas, Aire, espaces transdisciplinaires de
creation, Moulins, France.
22 Exhibition : Nuit Blanche at la goutte d'or,l'Association M.U. et
l'espace Cargo 21, Paris, France.
23 Exhibition : small stories, Biennale d’art contemporain de
Lyon, Centre d’art contemporain de Lacoux, Hauteville-Lompnes,
24 Exhibition : "seen from top : to draw the landscape", Albert Clermont,
Galerie/Ateliers L'H du Siege, Valenciennes.
25 Exhibition : ARBORESCENCE 05, Terre Active, Aix-en-Provence,
26 Exhibition "MADE IN CHINA" Pascal Simonet, Galerie Commune,
Tourcoing, France.
27 Exhibition "the time of a photo" a la Galerie d'exposition du
theatre de Privas, OEuvres de la collection IAC, Privas, France.
28 Publication : virtual city III, N° 22, On line magazine
du CIAC, Montreal, Canada.
lien http://pourinfos.org/publications/item.php?id84
29 Publication : "photography as manufactures history",
Isabelle Hersant, Rencontres Photographiques, Timisoara, Romania.
30 Meetings : New formats, new territories of art, IRCAM,
IRCAD, festival Emergences, Paris, France.
31 Meetings : ITANOMTHUB : conference de Research&development et
congres WU-M-P, Saint-Ouen, France.
32 Job : web-design, teacher, Ecole superieure d'art et de design d'Amiens, Amiens,
33 Job : artist for realization of a fresco, Maison
de l'Art et de la Communication, Sallaumines, France.
34 Job : artist for realization of a fresco, La
Maison des Jeunes de Ruitz, Ruitz, France.
35 Job : Director for the contemporary arts center of Brest,
Passerelle, France.
36 Call : Grant franco-german,
Deutsch-Franzosischen Kulturrat, Saarbrucken, Germany.
37 Call : Call for Project, Belluard Bollwerk
International, Fribourg, Switzerland.
38 Call : Interactive Film Lab Budapest, Korsakow
System, Budapest, Hongrie.
39 Call : PLAN Exhibition, Manchester, United Kingdom.
40 Call : URBAN SCREENS, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
41 Divers : A work of Alain Declercq destroyed, domaine de
Chamarande, France.
42 Divers : in "le cadre de lire en fete", reading of Claude Ber,
Paris, France.
43 Performance : Infraction program, Festival International de Performance, Sete, France.
44 Exhibition : installation Interactive, Nuit Blanche, Paris,
Strasbourg, France.
45 Exhibition : Open studios, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France.
46 Exhibition : Artforum Berlin and Fiac de Paris, Galerie Jocelyn
Wolff, Allemagne, France.
47 Exhibition : Exhibition #2, Association FetArt, Cachan, France.
48 Exhibition : "the name of the island", Clement Rodzielski, Betonsalon,
Paris, France.

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pourinfos letter / 06-24 to 07-01-2005

l'actualite du monde de l'art / daily Art news
infos from june 24, 2005 to july 01, 2005 (included)
(mostly in french)

Dear reader,

pourinfos will be closed from July 3 until September 15, 2005
Have good summer holidays or activities...
see you soon...

Chers lecteurs,
pourinfos sera suspendu du 3 juillet au 15 septembre 2005 Bonnes
vacances ou activites... a bientot...


01 Exhibition : Nancy Rubins, Le Frac Bourgogne, Dijon, France.
02 Call : Web Biennial 2005, Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, Turkey.
03 Call : " The most beautiful people of the world ", Michel
Szulc-Krzyzanowski, Paris, France.
04 Call : free*, image revue, photographs and contemporary art,
zai-batsu, Lyon, France.
05 Call : ARTS & SCIENCES 2005, ENSTA, Paris, France.
06 Call : Call for Poets / Invito ai poeti - La Biennale di Venezia
2005, Italy.
07 Call : " Hello ", Cecile Briand & Isabelle Mayaud, Paris, France.
08 Call : " Landscape, in the end...", call for a ludic economy, KRN,
09 Call : emerging artists, Circuit, Eyebeam, New York, USA.
10 Call : print Workshop, l'Atelier 2, Villeneuve d'Ascq, France.
11 Meeting : poetic evening and song of Dhrupad India, at the Nicolas
Schoffer studio, Paris, France.
12 Performance : Intravertie, Parkinprogress 2nd edition, Marly-le-Roy,
13 Exhibition : The Table of the Elements, Contemporary art museum of
Grand-Hornu (MAC's), Hornu , Belgium.
14 Exhibition : Kirsten Everberg et Monique van Genderen at the
Consortium, Angela Bulloch at Usine, Dijon, France.
15 Performance : The v' U and the promise, Casa do Bonesco, Chateau
d'Esquelbecq, Wormhout, France.
16 Exhibition : Site Specific Sculpture, work of students, School :
Ecole superieure des beaux-arts de Tours, France.
17 Exhibition : walk of Contemporary art in valley of the Lot,
Oltis-Calvignac Association, the Abatoires, Toulouse, France.
18 Exhibition : program, international art center of art and landscape,
Ile de Vassiviere, France.
19 Exhibition : performance, " Dangerous connections " 7, Miss china
beauty, Paris, France.
20 Various : Meeting of the Commission Culture and Education of the
European Parliament on june 16/17, 2005.
21 Call : Be on the agency catalogue on line, Rencontre Service, Paris,
22 Call : Spark Video Canada, Call for entries,
London, Canada.
23 Publication : Hide this sex which I could not see, Essais,
Dis Voir Editions, Paris, France.
24 Publication : Semaine 26.05, Analogues Edition,
march-april 2005, Arles, France.
25 Workshop : The seminar weeks, eipcp, Vienna, Autriche.
26 Meeting : Digitales vision, Demain des l'aube, Pompidou Center,
Paris, France.
27 Meeting : the European university of summer of the Ministry for
National Education, Boulogne-Billancourt, France.
28 Various : Happy journey to the postcard's country!, The
cARTed Picture Show, Siouville, France.


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Actu. / Day of the European Constitutional Treaty referendum in France.

Actu. /des photos pour infos - pictures for news
Day of the European Constitutional Treaty referendum in France / Journee du referendum sur le Traite Constitutionnel Europeen en France
(Paris, le 29 mai 2005 - Paris, may 29, 2005).
File / fichier: 13.8 Mo
length to be entirely downloaded, works with sound / long a telecharger entierement, fonctionne avec du son :::::::
Or / ou
Or / ou
Day of the European Constitutional Treaty referendum in France
::> Version francaise ci-dessous

Sunday May 29, 2005, day of the referendum on the Constitutional Treaty European.

After long and strong political Campaign around the European Constitutional Treaty, the French had to go to the ballot boxes and to vote Sunday May 29, 2005.

This same day, I travelled with my bicycle and I photographed the electoral panels and vintage posters, I furrowed my district, the 9 th, the 10 th and the 18 th district of Paris.

I sought to testify to the nonofficial or individual activities of the inhabitants of the city around this posting campaign, of all these small personal interventions, wild gluings, lacerations, writings reflecting the state of mind of their authors...

I sought to show in what the contemporary artists and artistic practices had taken as a starting point these popular demonstrations. Indeed, it was impossible not to think of the sight of its lacerated posters, from Raymond Hains or Jacques Villegle, impossible to forget Jean-Michel Basquiat or Cy Twombly with its erasures, its scratches or even Barbara Kruger her militant method of its environments...
This diaporama wished to be an homage to all these anonymous authors of urban space.

The other reason was more "sociological", I hoped to perceive by the means of some indices, the state of mind of my fellow-citizens, registered in public space, without passing by an institute of survey or media, and that a few hours before the official result...

In comparison with the photographs taken with the wire of this walk, without spirit of equity or equality, without to have made the turn, nor the totality of the streets and places of postings, it was easy to note that there was a vigorous confrontation between YES and NOT.

If the space of posting were often partially unoccupied but practically unlimited thanks to the walls of the city, the opposition proceeded on the same territory. Gluing was done on the poster of the predecessor and the comments and interventions directly on the initial message, thus revealing a fight for the monopoly of the image and the information...

it could be easy to note as there were no political parties nor of posters saved by these interventions. It was very exceptional to even find a virgin poster of some parties that it is...

Today, we know all the national results of this referendum, with a strong participation of the voters and the victory of NO to 54,87 \% against that of YES to 45,13 \% and 30,26 \% of abstention.
This national result is in strong opposition with the result of the town of Paris, which voted very mainly for YES, result which relates to also the three districts of my walk *.

To the sight of these results, the political analysts and all the national political parties hastened to draw the conclusions... to sometimes underline the probable return of the concept of class struggle, sometimes the dispute of a political power in place, or the fear of the future, xenophobia, or it social trouble because the employment crisis in France...

If the analyses are debatable, the result on the other hand is not it, it testifies to a great distrust for the dominant political community, of right-hand side like left, testimony which one also finds in this diaporama.

Without being visionary, this distrust already present at the presidential elections of 2002, with the weak socialist result, but also of the UMP (Union for a Popular Movement), lets predict for the next national elections of great political upheavals. Either the end of the principle of voters « subjected » to parties, or the emergence of new sensitivities, new forces of representations...

The other surprising aspect of this photographic testimony it is that it does not reflect the result of the ballot boxes of the districts concerned. Indeed, if in this part of the city and on these photographs, a balance in the report/ratio of force between YES and NOT seems equal, it is not the faithful reflection of the result in favour of YES in these three districts...

Then, where these intervening anonymities of the streets of Paris passed which we do not find in the ballot boxes? Was this only the business of some active militants? Were abstentionnists? Or were they without voice...????

Paris on June 22, 2005
Xavier Cahen

*results by Parisian district:
9 th: 72,12\% for YES, 27,88\% for NO and 23,74 \% of abstention;
10 th: 62,66 \% for YES, 37,34 \% for NO and 26,41 \% of abstention;
18 th: 57,8 \% for YES, 42,2 \% for NO and 27,99 \% of abstention...
Automatic translator
Journee du referendum sur le Traite Constitutionnel Europeen en France
Version francaise

Dimanche 29 mai 2005, journee du referendum sur le Traite Constitutionnel Europeen.

Apres une longue et vive campagne politique autour du Traite Constitutionnel Europeen, les Francais ont ete appeles a se rendre aux urnes et a voter le dimanche 29 mai 2005.

Ce meme jour, j’ai pris mon velo et j’ai photographie les panneaux electoraux et les affiches, j’ai sillonne mon quartier, le 9 ieme, le 10 ieme et le 18 ieme arrondissement de Paris.

Je cherchais a temoigner des activites non officielles ou individuelles des habitants de la cite autour de cette campagne d’affichage, de toutes ces petites interventions personnelles, d’encollages sauvages, de lacerations, d’ecritures refletant l’etat d’esprit de leurs auteurs…

Je cherchais a montrer en quoi les artistes et les pratiques artistiques contemporaines s’etaient inspirees de ces manifestations populaires.
En effet, il etait impossible de ne pas penser a la vue de ses affiches lacerees, a un Raymond Hains ou Jacques Villegle, impossible d’oublier Jean-Michel Basquiat ou Cy Twombly avec ses ratures, ses griffures ou meme Barbara Kruger pour les placardages et la methode militante de ses environnements… Ce diaporama souhaitait rendre hommage a tous ces auteurs anonymes de l’espace urbain.

L’autre raison etait plus « sociologique », j’esperais percevoir par le biais de quelques indices, l’etat d’esprit de mes concitoyens inscrit dans l’espace public, sans passer par un institut de sondage ou un media, et cela quelques heures avant le resultat officiel…

Au regard des photos prises au fil de cette promenade, sans esprit d’equite ou d’egalite, sans avoir fait le tour, ni la totalite des rues et lieux d’affichages, il etait facile de constater qu’il existait une vigoureuse confrontation entre le OUI et le NON.

Si l’espace d’affichage etait souvent partiellement inoccupe mais pratiquement illimite grace aux murs de la ville, l’opposition se deroulait sur le meme territoire.
L’encollage se faisait sur l’affiche du predecesseur et les commentaires et interventions directement sur le message initial, faisant ainsi apparaitre une lutte pour le monopole de l’image et de l’information…

On pouvait aussi constater qu’il n’y avait pas de partis politiques ni d’affiches epargnees par ces interventions. Il etait meme tres exceptionnel de trouver une affiche vierge de quelques partis que ce soient…

Aujourd’hui, nous connaissons tous les resultats nationaux de ce referendum, avec une forte participation des electeurs et avec la victoire du NON a 54,87 \% contre celle du OUI a 45,13 \% et 30,26 \% d’abstention.

Ce resultat national est en forte opposition avec le resultat de la ville de Paris, qui a vote tres majoritairement pour le OUI, resultat qui concerne aussi les trois arrondissements de ma promenade*.

A la vue de ces resultats, les analystes politiques et tous les partis politiques nationaux se sont empresses de tirer des conclusions…De souligner tantot le retour probable de la notion de lutte des classes, tantot la contestation d’un pouvoir politique en place, ou encore la peur de l’avenir, la xenophobie, ou le malaise social face a la crise de l’emploi en France…

Si les analyses sont discutables, le resultat en revanche ne l’est pas, il temoigne d’une grande defiance a l’egard de la classe politique dominante, de droite comme de gauche, temoignage que l’on retrouve aussi dans ce diaporama.

Sans etre visionnaire, cette defiance deja presente aux elections presidentielles de 2002, avec le faible resultat socialiste, mais aussi de l’UMP, laisse presager pour les prochaines elections nationales de grands bouleversements politiques. Soit la fin de la soumission des electeurs aux principes de partis, soit l’emergence de nouvelles sensibilites, de nouvelles forces de representations…

L’autre aspect surprenant de ce temoignage photographique c’est qu’il ne reflete pas le resultat des urnes des arrondissements concernes.
En effet, si sur le terrain et sur ces photos, un equilibre dans le rapport de force entre le OUI et le NON semble perceptible, il n’est pas le reflet fidele du resultat tres net en faveur du OUI dans ces trois arrondissements …

Alors, ou sont donc passes ces anonymes intervenants des rues de Paris que nous ne retrouvons pas dans les urnes ?
Etait-ce seulement l’affaire de quelques militants actifs? Etaient-ils des abstentionnistes ? Ou etaient-ils sans voix… ????

Paris le 23 juin 2005
Xavier Cahen

* resultats par arrondissement parisien :
le 9 ieme : 72,12\% pour le OUI, 27,88\% pour le NON et 23,74 \% d’abstention;
le 10 ieme : 62,66 \% pour le OUI, 37,34 \% pour le NON et 26,41 \% d’abstention;
le 18 ieme : 57,8 \% pour le OUI, 42,2 \% pour le NON et 27,99 \% d’abstention…

Xavier Cahen
Paris France


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