will coronado
Since 2002
Works in Guttenberg, New Jersey United States of America

Artist Biography
William Coronado

I was born in Weehawken, NJ on March 29,1973. I have always attained the desire to pursue a career within the Fine Arts. I feel a love for and maintain intrigued by the things art is capable of doing. Art, according to my experiences, is a form of communicating certain aspects of mankind's inner feelings and ideas towards a specific thing. It permits subconscious and conscious thoughts to be expressed in a visual form. This form of expression is the oldest method of communication and, interestingly enough, is still used today. Artist of the past used the ideas of art to represent the historical times of their period. It is my opinion that good art should capture the time frame of the artist as well as his/her individuality. These are my beliefs towards the function of art and the reason why I strive to create.
I have experienced different journeys throughout my life before deciding to pursuit a career in the Fine Arts. I attained a Bachelors of Science degree in New Jersey City University on May 2001. Shortly after, I decided on enrolling in the NJCU fine art department.