Agricola de Cologne

launched on 1 January 2000 as an artist brand, is standing for the

--> interdisciplinary media artist, director of experimental shortfilms and videos, curator of media art
--> founder & director of artvideoKOELN – the curatorial initiative „art & moving images“ serving since 2010 as the operating platform for a wide range of activities around "art & moving images", running CologneOFF - Cologne International Videoart Festival and Le Musee di-visioniste - the new museum of networked art

Agricola de Cologne is standing also for a broad bandwidth of dynamic curatorial contexts he is initiating in physical and virtual space, the co-curator and co-organiser of external festivals and exhibitions, the jury member of divers festivals, and not to forget the designer of a cross-platform culture.

Since its/his launch in 2000, Agricola de Cologne was presented @ more than 600 festivals and media art events in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Knoxville, Pittsburgh, Mexico City, Caracas, Maracaibo, Buenos Aires, Rosario, Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Santiago de Chile, Quito, Bogota, London, Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Madrid, Gijon, Sevilla, Valencia, Barcelona, Lisbon, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tampere, Kopenhagen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Tokyo, Nagoya, Seoul, Manila, Hongkong, Bangkok, Phnom Penh, New Delhi, Guwahati, Mumbai, Jakarta, Perth, Melbourne, Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakesh, Istanbul, Ankara, Yerewan, Damaskus, Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Bethlehem, Gaza, Basel, Zurich, Vienna, Linz, Salzburg, Graz, Kiev, Kharkiv, Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius, Moscow, St.Petersburg, Kansk, Perm, Yekaterinburg, Sofia, Varna, Bukarest, Arad, Timisoara, Budapest, Belgrade, Zagreb, Split, Lubljana, Rome, Naples, Milan, Pescara, Venice, Torino, Bologna, Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Karlsruhe, Nuremberg, & elsewhere, but also on biennials like ISEA Nagoya (2002), Venice Biennale 2003, 2005, 2007, Biennale of New Media Art Merida/MX 2003, Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth/Australia (2004), Biennale de Montreal (2004), Biennale of Video & New Media Santiago de Chile (2005), ISEA Singapore 2008.

His media art projects and videos were honoured with prizes and awards.


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call: artvideoKOELN - audiovisual experiences 01

Mon Mar 02, 2015 00:00


Deadline: 2 March 2015

artvideoKOELN – audio-visual experience 01
16 May Cologne

artvideoKOELN organising the past 10 years the 10 festival editions of Cologne International Videoart Festival – becomes now an event structure of itsown.

For the first event to take place on 16 May 2015 in Cologne, artvideoKOELN international would like to invite artists working with “moving images” to participate and submit their latest, best and most exciting creations.

More details and the regulations can be found on

artvideoKOELN international


CologneOFF 2014 USA @ Torrance Art Museum

Sat Nov 08, 2014 18:00 - Sat Dec 06, 2014

CologneOFF 2014 USA

artvideoKOELN international
is happy to present the 10th anniversary screening of

CologneOFF X

10th Cologne International Videoart Festival
under motto of "TOTAL ART"
at Torrance Art Museum Los Angeles/USA
08 November - 6 December 2014

Opening reception
Saturday, November 8, 2014
6:00pm – 9:00pm

Festival director & curator Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
prepared for each week a special screening program
featuring art films and videos dealing with the idea of
"total Art" (Gesamtkunstwerk), whereby the successful festival project
from Cologne/Germany can be considered as "total art", as well.

Founded in 2005, Cologne International Videoart Festival
was from the beginning dedicated to promote the experimental aspects of video
as an art medium in all its diversity, exporting creative ideas from Cologne to the world.

In 2014, CologneOFF nomadic was again travelling once around the globe
visiting 15 countries and 25 venues practicing a 10th years lasting global networking
with partners and friends.

Thousands of thanks to all of them who made CologneOFF such a successful project!

CologneOFF X
10th Cologne International Videoart Festival

Festival Blog

artvideoKOELN international

artvideoKOELN (at)



Screening: CologneOFF 2014 @ Muza Plus

Sat Sep 13, 2014 20:00 - Sat Sep 13, 2014


Press Release
International Video Art Festival – Cologne OFF 2014 @ Muzaplus

Cologne OFF X
Total art – Alienated Territories
Curator: Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

Saturday September 13th, 2014
Hour: 20:00

Muzaplus – a space for art

Beit Eshel 15, Flea Market, Jaffa

Muzaplus is pleased to host – Alienated Territories – a video art compilation which has been specially created for this event, by it German curator Agricola de Cologne, to celebrate the diversity of contemporary artistic creations on occasion of the Cologne OFF- International Video art Festival – “Total Art – GesamtkunstwerkIt” 10th anniversary.

The festival activities are the creative enterprise of the media artist Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, the founder, director and curator of Cologne OFF – Cologne International Video art Festival, which includes ten editions of an exciting media festival.

Agricola de Cologne explains that the submitted video works follow the idea of the “total art work”, which uses an individual audiovisual language, and so the medium of digital video in all its technological complexity, in order to present to the public with a variety of content, expressing philosophical, political, cultural or artistic statements through a critical view on the present, sometimes of ironic tone and with an humoristic tone, but with a serious and meaningful artistic approach.

The selection that will be presented at Muzaplus indicates, as its curator writes: “one’s identity as a protected and restricted area, an essential component determining the perception of life as a process from the subjective point of view of the creator, as well as the viewer in cultural, social or political concern.”

Alienated Territories – program :

Johanna Reich (Germany) – Horizon, 2013, 1:00
Felice Hapetzeder (Sweden) – 366, 2014, 1:24
Rick Fisher (Canada) – Arcadia, 2014, 4:49
Cinzia Sarto (Italy) – Forbidden Fruit, 2009, 4.40
Lisa Birke (Canada) – Red Carpet, 2013, 9:59
Alexandar Tokin (Serbia) – She Is I, 2013, 9:17
Sara Holwerda (USA) – Chair Dance, 2012, 6:26
Beate Hecher/Markus Keim (Austria) – ln Absentia, 2012, 10:00
Yuval Yairi & Zohar Kawaharada (Israel) – Land, 2013, 4:36
Vojtìch Žák – (CZ) – Melancholia, 2013, 3: 25
Manuel Saiz (Spain) – Sic Transit, 2009, 5:00
vvitalny (Tusia Dabrowska & Clara Inés Schuhmacher) (USA) – In Peru, 2013, 3:05


Project launch: CologneOFF X - 10th Cologne International Videoart Festival

Thu Sep 04, 2014 19:00 - Wed Dec 31, 2014


artvideoKOELN international
is happy to launch on Thursday, 4 September 2014

CologneOFF X
10th Cologne International Videoart Festival

under the motto - Total Art (Gesamtkunstwerk)

On occasion of the collaboration with Institut fuer Alles Moegliche Berlin on 4 September 2014,
CologneOFF is launching in 2014 its 10th festival edition.

Founded in 2005 by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, director of artvideoKOELN international, the characteristics of CologneOFF were from the beginning to be an experimenting platform for finding the ideal concepts for preseting "art & moving images" to an audience.

As a festival travelling to most different venues in an exchange between virtual and physical space, CologneOFF is a global networking project
to be realised in cooperation with international cooperating partners all over the world.
The festival is not reduced to the usual running time of 2 or 3 days at a single venue, but running all over the year including up to 32 physical venues, and 7 days a week and 24 hours a day via the online component offering viewers/users the videos of the complete festival programs for review.

CologneOFF X is standing under the motto of "Total Art" (Gesamtkunstwerk) featuring 175 works by audio visual creators from 30 countries
who follow the ideas of "Gesamtkunstwerk" in most individual ways, demonstrating the richness & diversity of digital video as an artistic medium in the progrms, entitled:
Alienated Territories, Alienated Memory, Alienated Identities, Alienated Timelines, One Minute Wonder, Brave New World.

While the festival started 2014 already during the submission phase in July in Greece @ Videart Festival Miden,
today, the official launch of CologneOFF X will take place on occasion and in the context of the collaboration with Institut fuer Alles Moegliche in Berlin
under the topic "Brave New World" - - 4 September 2014, 19h.

After an exciting decade of an incredible media development and curatorial experimenting,
the 10th festival will be the final edition of this unusual festival project from Germany, running at least until 2016.
But it is not the end of CologneOFF, because it will be maintained as a curatorial format by artvideoKOELN international.

At this stage, CologneOFF - Cologne International Videoart Festival would like to thank
all artists and video makers, cooperating curators and networking partners all over the world
for the confidence in the project and its continuously changing concepts, which made the festival so successful.
Thanks to all! It was such a great time!

CologneOFF X - 10th Cologne International Videoart Festival
festival blog
artvideoKOELN international
artvideo (at)



Screening: CologneOFF 2014 Lativia

Fri Aug 08, 2014 20:00 - Sun Aug 17, 2014

Riga, Latvia

CologneOFF 2014 Latvia

2014 - 10 Years Cologne International Videoart Festival
@ Waterpieces Art & Video Festival Riga/Latvia
@ RIGA 2014 - European Capital of Culture

15-17 August 2014

CologneOFF XP - Art in Urban Environments
selection curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

List of videos

Albert Merino (Spain) -Visàvis, 2013, 5.05
Sinem Serap Duran (Turkey) - Adequate, 2012, 9:11
Julia Morgan (Canada) - Quiet City, 2012, 6:38
Alexander Callsen (Germany) - Gap Camp, 2013, 6:04
Evertt Beidler (USA) - Moves Manager, 2011, 4:09
Michael Murnau (UK) - Hanging On Me, 2012, 7:26
Bill Aitchison (UK) - Proletarian Dance 1, 2012, 4:50
Santiago Parres (EZO) (Spain) - Transit Zone, 2012, 7:45
Susanne Wiegner (Germany) - Just Midnight, 2010, 3:43
Belén Paton (Spain) - City of Caves, 2012, 06:45
Eric Osberg (Canada) - Chase, 2012, 3:20
Manuel Saiz (Spain) - Sic Transit, 2009, 5:00


artvideoKOELN international