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Eastern Europe is running out of women!

The relationship between men and women can serve as a seismograph of the condition and identity of a society. For this reason the current print issue of "Report" focuses on the fascinating theme of "Women in the East and West".

Title story:

Find reports about a village in Slovakia where, in the most literal sense of the phrase, women are "running out", about courageous social workers who defy both the pimps and clients involved in roadside prostitution between the Czech Republic and Germany, and an interview with Russian journalist Jevgenija Albaz who is on various "death lists" in Internet (as the late Anna Politkovskaja once was).

This time "Report" is designed by Croatian artist Sanja Ivekovic with her collage work "The Black File" (1979). Incidentally, this artist will be represented at this year's "documenta 12".

You can read more stories online or watch "The Black File" on http://www.kontakt.erstebankgroup.net/report/galleries/Issue02_07_The+Black+File_Sanja+Ivekovic/en, or get a copy of "Report" free of charge and fresh off the presses at kontakt_(at)_kontakt.erstebankgroup.net

“Report”, the “Kontakt” magazine, provides information about art, human sciences and social affairs in Central and Eastern Europe. On the web you can additionally find information about the “Kontakt” projects and programme, an events calendar for Central and Eastern Europe, and “Kontakt” radio.


Kontakt - The Arts and Civil Society Program of Erste Bank Group

The Kontakt programme serves as a platform for the social and cultural commitment of Erste Bank Group in the Central and Eastern European region. Kontakt aims at actively supporting the social and cultural transformation processes in Central and Eastern Europe. Kontakt would like to bring the people of this region together to work on common ideas and perspectives.

New Website: http://www.kontakt.erstebankgroup.net
For the 6th festival of fashion from Unit-F (www.unit-f.at), Kontakt has relaunched it's web presence and have clothed themselves in a new, more contemporary design. You will find events in Central and Eastern Europe in the CALENDER, the current Kontakt PROJECTS have been newly prepared and brought up to date and from now on the KONTAKT RADIO will accompany the articles with sound. In the magazine REPORT you can find, naturally, all earlier articles and projects on art, the human sciences and social affairs in Central and Eastern Europe, organized according to theme.

This time portraits of Eastern European designers and Russian and Austrian artists who examine fashion in a broader social and economic context and study clothing as a medium of history and identity is a main topic of interest.

There is an opt in for an E-mail newsletter providing information about current events and new contents. http://kontakt.erstebankgroup.net/report/newsletter/

Read more about the latest "foibles of fashion" in the current online Report.
Direkt Link: http://kontakt.erstebankgroup.net/report/frontpage/en


scope II conference - Sites & Subjects, narrating heritage

Thu Sep 28, 2006 00:00 - Wed Jun 21, 2006

scope II, Sites and Subjects, narrating heritage, International Conference, Vienna (Austria), 28-29 September, 2006

Cultural inheritance and its different stories will come into focus at the international conference scopeII, which takes place in Vienna on 28. - 29. September 2006.

To the topic "Sites and Subjects, narrating heritage" a number of prominent scientists and experts from all over the world will bring new impulses into the current debate of intangible cultural heritage.

Different cultures connect different stories with one cultural object. Thus stories (contexts) become as important as the objects themselves. The UNESCO has reacted to this theoretical turn of understanding culture and recently ratified the convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Heritage.

After Scope I concerned itself with "Information vs Meaning" in 1999 "Sites and Subjects, narrating heritage" is the second event within the scope conferences, organized by uma information technology.

In four sessions participants and speakers will


Panamarenko Multiples

Thu May 06, 2004 00:00 - Tue May 04, 2004

Panamarenko Multiples: Exhibition at Hangar-7

The 'poetic engineer



Fri Aug 22, 2003 00:00 - Thu Jul 31, 2003

The new Hangar-7 at Salzburg Airport is meant to be far more than just a home base for airplanes: it is a wholly unique, self-contained world of adventure and discovery for everyone interested in legendary flying machines, excellent food