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Re: Space, Institutions, net art

> I found the article posted by Johanh Brucker-Cohen to be extremely interesting. "The New Frontier for Art". I am currently researching Net Art and online communities, with relation to institutional controls. The Tate in Space being an example of this. The social perception of the Tate as a huge (corporate) institution, which in the eye of the public, could quite possibly send their own satellite into space. This use of virtual environments & objects demonstrates the power of the institutional structure as a physical space. Most online galleries don't tend to have the same impact, or lifespan, but because the Tate is a massive institution it can then rely on its recognised physical status in order to invest in these lavish virtual concepts. Rhizome itself is interesting as an online community and host of artworks. As it has succeeded to institutional status through the connection and support of its users.
I am incredibly keen to have feedback of other theories and arguments with relation to online art communities, net art and the presence of art institutions online and the changing face of public art display and perception.