wayne dunkley
Since 2005
Works in Toronto United States of America

In my art practice, I focus on creating spaces. These “spaces” are varied in media but all encourage engagement through reflection and response.

One of my artist roles is as a facilitator for transformations. In my poetics I wish my reader be found considering things in ways they never have before. This may then trigger an authentic re-imagining of the self, others, and the world. I believe this re-imagining essential to the human journey, otherwise we are found lacking in criticality, contented or dulled by our own preoccupations.

My practice incorporates internet-based media. I feel that the internet is a unique context for the facilitation of emotive experiences. However, I have found most internet based work sorely lacking in the consideration of words. Often words are more an afterthought than core to the experience. My words facilitate an emotional interactivity that provokes reflection; with reflection as one step along the path to personal change.

Self reflection is also an aspect of my photographic works. My non-representational landscapes evoke feelings to create a context for wonder and mystery. To facilitate wonder is to create an emotive space for the viewer to project their own narrative into the work. Allowing a viewer an emotional means to interact is a way to facilitate deep reflection and personal investment in the work at hand. My focus on words and evocative photographic imagery allows the interactive media pieces I create to become context for personal transformation.

I also explore how the use of technology can bring new awareness of the connections in our world. Within my practice, technology is used to augment and enhance our existing relationships. For when the electrical power goes what is left? Other people, the universe around us, and the quality of the relationships we have nurtured thus far in our personal journeys.