walter nadler nadler
Since 2007

Walter Nadler

Born 1963 in Bad Ischl, Austria
Lives and works in Bad Ischl, Austria and Mexico City

Studied at the academy of art, Experimental and visual art and design
Graduated in 1995 with a work on ( GAMBLING - Ending and never-ending games and structures of life)

From 1997 to 2005 amongst other work, freelance for Galerie Hubert Winter, Vienna.
As well as for many international artists (Richard Nonas, Lawrence Weiner, Fred Sandback, Birgit Jürgenssen, Wolfgang Flatz, Peter Weibel, …)
Since 1985 the artist has concerned himself with the concept of ‘drawing the line of thought’.
Trough the influence of ARS Electronica, the artist group Stadtwerkstatt and the music performance group FUCKHEAD, several projects have emerged.
Along with room, light and video installations he also produced audio pieces for Radiolabor and the art radio Ö1.
Since 2000 he works with serial transcendental computer painting (Overlays) and the resulting objects, sculptures and fotos.