Wade McDaniel
Since 2003
Works in Boulder, Colorado United States of America

The wade is an individual who observes in the best of situations and creates in the worst. The wade seeks to understand the world wraped around us...
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Intrenational Graduate School Possibilities

I have finished my undergraduate work, and am exploring possible graduate schools. My interests are obviously the whole spectrum of art from visual to audio, and digital or virtual to analog or meatworld. What are the premier graduate schools for art and technology: form robotics and software art to interactive sculpture and digital music?

I also have just produced an audio CD created primarily using the opensource program Csound. Tracks can be heard at www.aproximation.org (play or download) and www.aproximation.com (play). The CD should be on sale at cdbaby.com next week.
I'm curious to hear what you think of the tracks!
A second, more accessible disk is pending me saving enough money to get it printed, among many other expenditures.



Re: software art vs. programmed art

This might be just an argument, and perhaps not based in reason, but doesnt a flower describe itself, but also some aspect of all flowers as well? Is not our opinion of something formed by what we witness of it and others like it? Why do our pencils have to be sharpend to so fine a point?

I would hope that my work in code does not get pigeonholed before one views it, simply because of the method of it's implementation.

> Do all "interactive art" artworks talk about
> interactivity ? Do all "video art" artworks talk about video ? And
> I'd like to quote Philip Galanter (taken from a eu-gene discussion
> last year) : "In medieval times painting was about God. With the
> Enlightenment painting was about man. In Modern times painting was
> about paint. And now in Postmodern times painting is about painting."
> I thought that postmodern times where behind us now, and in anycase
> shouldn't we wait before stating what programmed art talks about?