Serve as is; sprinkled with confectioners’ sugar; or rolled into cones and filled.
Iron features ready light, to let you know when it’s ready for baking. Non-stick baking surface releases pizzelle intact, and easily.
Latch-down lid ensures the absolute perfect thickness of pizzelle: thin and snapping-crisp, but not so thin they’re fragile.
Includes six recipes; and a wooden roller for shaping hot pizzelle into cannoli.
Try our recipe for Classic pizzelle. If you are looking for a traditional Italian Pizzelle iron I would buy one like this one. These are non electric and should be used over a gas stove. This is the true traditional way to make pizzelles (not with a electric pizzelle iron). This one is called the SCI Scandicrafts Stovetop Pizzelle Iron and if you are looking for the correct traditional way to make pizzelles it’s the one to own.

Pizzelle Irons are remarkably similar to (American) waffle irons. Just like you can buy a brand new warring pro electric waffle iron or an antique griswald cast iron waffle iron so too can you buy an electric pizzelle iron or an old cast iron pizzelle iron.