Volker A. Hamann
Since 2008
Works in Cologne Germany

AnthroArt had been one of my AKAs in mail art since the late 1970s. For years I brought mailart materials through the "iron curtain" to East Berlin. The stasi for shure checked the addresses in mail art catalogues carefully, while i had to wait in a small room. More or less inofficially I performed in East Berlin, and when invited, participated in a small regular exhibition there.

The interest in the clandestine, creating artificial artist identities and laying false tracks (for intelligence, market or arthistory) continues until today. Playing obscure roles in network communications, talking like a bozo with people in positions in the art-scene, unannounced performances questioning everyday life: it had been ambivalent, yet it was satisfying me. No success neccessary in the artworld.

Tactics of ethnomethodology, civil disobedience, the secret theatre/theatre of the opressed (Augusto Boal). Admiration for zen. Humanist anarchism.

Opposite to a troll, i respected my temporary pseudo-victimised audiences, when they deserved it, and took responsibility for effects of my actions, sometimes over years. In such manner also fiddeling with webpages and sockpuppets, I seldom uncover and for public success never did.

I am a friendly chap in everyday life, who under other names in (mostly) the german wikipedia cares for articles like Netzkunst, Digitale Kunst, Christiane Paul (Kurator), Mail Art and such.