Vita Vee
Since 2009
Works in France

I'm a software developer and worked in the video games industry for more than 10 years. Came a day when I decided to work from home. I started an internet marketing career and I am now making money from promoting others' products.

You can learn more by reading my Internet Marketing Blog:

On that blog I'm reviewing internet marketing related products like:


Commission Blueprint:

And many others...

I'm also involved in other markets like the health market with a website related to Aloe Vera:

...or also a website related to hair loss: where I review different products like Provillus.

I have also a forum for some of my subscribers so I can help them to reach financial freedom. I also reply to their emails so they have direct access to an experienced marketer. Unlike other gurus I'm directly reachable and this is very appreciated by my subscribers.