Viktoriya Zagladko
Since 2010
Works in Staten Island United States of America

Viktoriya Zagladko was born in Kiev, Ukraine. As a young girl, her passion lied in the arts and she was exceptionally compelled to the theatre. One of her fascinations was the scenery on stage and the art that makes the theatre so visually irresistible. She realized that she wanted to pursue a career in the field she loved and was accepted to the highly-competitive Ukrainian Academy of the Arts. During her conservatory classes, Viktoriya studied art and stage design as well as directing, acting, dancing and voice and movement which contributed to her well-rounded knowledge of the theatre. She was able to apply her skills hands-on when she worked on the production “Faces of Humanity” as head stage manager and artistic coordinator. Viktoriya brought her tremendous talent to the United States in 2001 and learned to intertwine the two cultures in ground-breaking forms of art. She currently resides in New York working in art, sculpting, design for stage, and photography.