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Brian Eno - Imaginary Landscapes

Eno's a scintillating character. It's revealing that he avoids composing intuitively -- that he needs a big conceptual idea to background his work -- and further, he increasingly wants to remove his presence from his work in order to "allow a place for the listener". But I can't help but think that this attempt to remove himself ironically puts Eno foremost in his work. Appreciation of his later ambient work seems more for the authorial intent rather than for their pastoral qualities. It's a question of how he wants his art to be appreciated. As a listener, I much prefer and feel more "involved" with Warm Jets and Taking Tiger Mountain. The communication is greater. But his rebuttal might be that it is this model of communication which he is working against.


Muzak by and for the masses

VTMZ is my latest project. Here is an excerpt from the ABOUT page:

VTMZ is music programming driven by its community of listeners. Riffing on the idea of Muzak, which provides light and innocuous music programming for countless business and commercial spaces, VTMZ also provides its listeners with derivative versions of its favorite songs. However, unlike Muzak, no hack musicians are hired to create these song versions. Versioning is instead handled by the Vatermuzik sound process, a combination of software and a music synthesizer. Here are some examples of versioned songs:

Sample 1 (Gesynched) [2MB]

Sample 2 (ThyneEp) [5MB]

Sample 3 (Junglelog) [6MB]

More description at the site:



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Your file is attached.


Announce: Raygun

Our parents had "I have a dream" and "Ask not what you
can do for your country". We got "The Evil Empire".


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