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VERY TEMPORARY (Tokyo, Japan): Call for curatorial proposals

Thu Jun 30, 2011 23:55

Tokyo, Japan

VERY TEMPORARY accepts curatorial proposals for shows on a rolling basis and occasionally invites select individuals to curate shows. All submissions should be related to our goals with an emphasis on showing the work of 4-6 cultural producers whose practice is art/architecture/design -- however you choose to interpret those umbrella terms -- which can be distributed as take/giveaway (free) at a local flea market or other public event/space depending on the nature of your proposal. Your proposal should be sited for a space of 2 x 6 feet (for tabled works) / 5-6 stacks of paper, or for those interested in engaging more space, 8 ft. square / (you tell us). If you are a collective submitting a proposal, please select one individual to submit the proposal on your behalf.
For submission details and more information: http://verytemporary.info/index.php?/curatorial/curate-a-show/
Submissions accepted on a rolling basis.
Call is open to curators and artists/cultural producers alike.
VERY TEMPORARY is an opportunity-specific gallery with populist goals and populist means in Tokyo, Japan. Our goals are to offer our time in Tokyo as a resource to cultural producers (not limited to art, design, architecture, etc.), to exhibit the work of cultural producers who have not previously had the opportunity to show their work in Tokyo, to assess the logic/habits of local galleries, and to offer an uncommon courtesy.