♥ VanillaRoyal ♥

I seek to pair the ordinary (the Vanilla) with the extraordinary (Royal) in an artistic persona /mythical world that exudes the promise of pleasure while mischievously withholding it.

With strong roots in traditional art, as well as technology, I have created spaces and worlds out of my own language of visual motifs and characters.

I use fetish and fantasy iconography, playing them off of each other in an attempt to jog the mind free of easy and habitual associations.

Since 2009, I have been creating a new series of objects that will function as a tangible expression of my digital works, tying the virtual and the “real” worlds together while respecting the unique qualities of each.

The new objects will include sculpture and video pieces, all created with the utmost respect to craft & handmade process while maintaining a digital feeling.

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