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YAEL KANAREK Exhibition - Rome 25 Nov - 10 Dic 2003

Tue Nov 25, 2003 00:00 - Fri Nov 14, 2003

Press Release


Winner of the 2003 International Net Art "Netizens" Competition

place: Sala 1 Gallery - Piazza di Porta S. Giovanni, 10 (Rome - Italy)

opening: Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2003 6:30 pm

dates: Nov. 25 - 10 Dic. tues.-sat. 4:30 - 7:30 pm

curator: Antonella Pisilli

essay by: Valentina Tanni

for information: tel. Sala 1 06-7008691

YAEL KANAREK, winner of the Netizens 2003 international net art competition, will show her work for the first time in Italy in a one-person exhibition opening Nov. 25, 2003 in the spaces of the Sala 1 gallery in Rome.

"World of Awe" ( is the brainchild of new media artist Yael Kanarek. It is an interdisciplinary project that revolves around the story of a traveler in search of a lost treasure. Through a portale situated at number 419 east 6th street in Manhattan, a traveler passes into the Sunset/Sunrise -- a desert terrain locked in the mindframe between night and day, in search of a lost treasure. The voyage is documented in a journal found on a laptop evidently built by the traveler lost in Silicon Valley, a graveyard for old computer compoenents.

The journal contains letters to an absent lover, travel logs and descriptions of the unique navigation tools. Following a hi-tech/lo-tech, double sided map (Eep & Moo), the traveler describes a search for a treasure that keeps relocating. The only remains found are crumbs fallen from the body of the treasure that surprisingly resemble candy sprinkles.
The exhibit will include a special sound installation/video projection of her images and the music of composer Yoav Gal together with a standalone computer station to see the site and a series of desert digital landscapes on the gallery walls.

Kanarek, born in Israel and a resident of New York, has participated in numerous exhibitions and new media iniatives, including the 2002 Whitney Biennial in New York and Web Commissions Chapter 2 at San Francisco Moma. She is represented in New York by Bitforms, a major contemporary art gallery dedicated to new media art.

Contact and info: 0039-06-7008691

Sala 1 pzza di Porta S. Giovanni, 10 00185 Roma tel/fax 06-7008691


netizens webprize 2003

Tue Dec 10, 2002 01:00

netizens_webprize 2003
international net_art competition

COMPETITION deadline_4 march 2003

The exhibition NETIZENS - cittadini della rete opened on 4th december at Sala 1, an art gallery located in the very centre of Rome. The show investigates the influence of the Internet on contemporary artistic research through the work of five artists. The same day of the opening an international net art competition has been launched. The competition is open to artists of all countries that use the
Web as a creative tool.

Netizens_webprize has been organized by Sala 1 with the collaboration of MACRO (Contemporary Art Museum of Rome) Medialab and Stefania Fabri, multimedia expert. The aim of this initiative is to discover new talents and support net based artworks. The competition remains open for three months (4 december 2002 - 4 march 2003) and the giury will announce the winner in april 2003. The author of the best project will have a solo show in Sala 1 next year.

netizens_webprize 2003

ART 1. Aim

The aim of the initiative is to discover new talents and support net based artworks.

ART 2. Conditions for participating

The competition is open to all artists that use the Web as an artistic tool. Participants can be of any nationality and must be at least eighteen years of age.

ART 3. Project submission

Participants are invited to submit before 4 march 2003 a finished project made using Internet as a creative medium. Other types of works won't be accepted. The project must be sent by e-mail (as URL address) or by conventional mail (on cd-rom) and include a brief description text and the author's biography.

ART 4. Giury, winner and award

The winning project will be chosen among the ones -responding to this characteristics- arrived before the deadline day. The works will be examinated by a giury consisting of: Silvia Bordini, Stefania Fabri, Ida
Gerosa, Kathleen Goncharov, Gino Roncaglia, Gianni Romano, Domenico Scudero, Mary Angela Schroth, Chiara Somajni.

The best work will be awarded during a ceremony at MACRO (Contemporary Art Museum of Rome) in april 2003. The winner will have a solo show at Sala 1 Gallery in the period 2003/2004.
Ten projects will be also selected and included in Netizens website for an on-line exhibition starting in april 2003.


Galleria Sala 1
Piazza di Porta San Giovanni 10
00185 Roma, Italy


netizens - exhibition and webprize

Wed Dec 04, 2002 00:00 - Sun Dec 01, 2002


n e t i z e n s
[cittadini della rete]

LOCATION\_ Rome (Italy), Sala 1 Gallery - Piazza di Porta San Giovanni 10 (Scala Santa)
CONFERENCE\_ tuesday 3 december\_15 .30\_at MACRO (Contemporary Art Museum of Rome) \_Via Reggio Emilia 54
EXHIBITION OPENING\_ wednesday 4 december\_18.30\_at Sala 1