Since 2002
Works in London Ireland

++ unnameable.org

is an interdisciplinary research organization exploring and developing new media and its relationship to space and language.

our work examines propositions and ideas that investigate our understanding of time and space. our interactive / video / sound / text installations in particular explore the idea of 'the interstitial' as a site of the real - a time of actualisation when something is occurring.

our research results in site-specific works of art, but also helps further an understanding of the relationships between art, technology and cultural production. Some of the strategies we practice include interventions in contemporary urban space, creating special mediated events for public situations and designing and constructing interactive systems. our central interest is in physically embodied (rather than screen-based) work. the motivation for all the projects is the modification of existing behaviour : i.e. that of the [ building / space ] and the [ user / group ].