Ulysses Alvarez
Since 2002
Works in London United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

I was born in Cuba during the best moments to be in the island if you were communist or leftist. The Cuban government made me who I am now, I am very thankful for that. However, if some people in the western world call themselves post-modern, I can't overlook calling myself also post-communist.

I finished university with a diploma and master degree in Philosophy in 1990. I specialised in continental philosophy particularly Martin Heidegger. Through my study of Heidegger I discovered Holderlin and Van Gogh. After two years of lecturing in Cuba I moved to London. Coming to London was not easy considering that I didn't speak a word of English, but I was looking for such experience with language. It cost me a lot, but I am through.
I have taken great deal of interest in programming and web design which is what I do at present. I have many published and unpublished work including poetry, two novels and a script for an incoming art performance from www.martinih.com.

To be where I am now and call myself a performing artist I have done great deal of research on three parallel lines of thought, which commonly can be taken as asymmetrical. The first one, on post-structuralism including, Roland Barthes, Michael Foucault, Jean Francois Lyotard, Jacques Derrida and Gilles Deleuze. Through my research I met Jacques Derrida in two occasions from which a weak friendship took shape via correspondence. My dream was to have worked with Derrida finishing my art project, but unfortunately the great philosopher died the 8 of October this year. My artwork is dedicated to him.

My second line of research has been a mix of theoretical science, media studies, popular culture and advertising. The theoretical science studies have been focused on Douglas R. Hofstadter and the work of Ray Kurzweil and K. Eric Drexler on new technologies (http://www.kurzweilai.net). Also the work of V.S Ramachandran on neuroscience has play important role in my research. In the media side I focused on the impact of terrorism, conspiracy theories and media broadcasting after 9/11. Author-wise, I am indebted to Marshall Mcluhan, Jean Baudrillard and Paul Virilio.

In the pop culture venue I have focused on Lori Benson, an erotic artist living between Florida and Las Vegas with an extensive body of work exhibited around the world. My research also included Andy Warhol, celebrities’ magazines, interviews, lyrics and gossips, specially focusing on pop artist like Eminem, Britney Spears, Madonna, Gwen Stefani and Marilyn Manson. On the advertising side, the book by Bob Levenson, Bill Bernbach’s book: A history of the advertising that changed the history of advertising played an important role in my understanding of the ad culture. I should mention Saatchi & Saatchi ad agency for their inspirational ideas and creative spirit.

My third line of research has been focused on literary criticism and artwork. It includes artists like Stephen Mallarme, Marcel Duchamp, Antonin Artaud and literary critics like Paul de Man, Maurice Blanchot and Pierre Klossowski.

By bringing together these three lines of research I have created three independent body of work. One is a novel, Lady Morphing Genius, which can be found at www.martinih.com. The second one is the website itself www.martinih.com. And the third is the stage-script for the art performance, Schizokinetic Life Coach. Currently, I am working on exhibiting the art performance.