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*Lawn of the Trouts*

Some weeks ago, after Fukushima, I+ve read the interesting slogan "Nature is like Godzilla" in a report written by Jörg Buttgereit in the online edition of the weekly newspaper "Die Zeit". Japanese Godzilla-making seems to have been a kind of coping with the danger of radioactivity. But perhaps, better than a real comparison between these two kinds of power, Godzilla fits as an expression of a kind of nervous daily impression of been obliged to kill oneself the long way with *healthy* food - Godzilla fits as a symbol of something we don't like to like...and the way we put trust in simple aesthetic symbols (colour, gestures a.s.o.), that might be fooled in a *New World of Radioactivity* (the colors of trees and fishes may change a.s.o., like in some regions around Tschernobyl). Thus, polution hits aesthetics in its very foundations. I've written something in german about this, and would like to discuss it. If you like, read it on http://www.arts-on.com or the new Forum and Blogs on http://www.arts-on.de/m.i.r./index.php (Blog is readable, members welcome, but the whole Community-Site is just going to start in these days, will perhaps have a virtual party at 1st of June 10 pm (22.00 Uhr)...) Looking forward, UR



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