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Re: PoemeDada RSS v.1

I liked this one and added to my exhibit
This is my most Favorite topic
I think so
nil, India

Robin Stein wrote:

> PoemeDada RSS v.1 is an interface for creating poetry out of the RSS
> news feeds from several major news sources. This style of automatic
> writing is derived from Tristan Tzara's Poeme Dada, which involves
> cutting out words from a magazine or newspaper and randomly selecting
> them from a hat.
> PoemeDadaRSS v.1 parses the words from headlines in the news feeds
> that you choose, which you are then able to select manually or
> randomly. Feel free to further edit your poem with punctuation,
> spacing, or your own words.
> If you make any poems that you would like to have included in the
> upcoming PoemeDada archive please send them to:
> poemedada@eidophusikon.net.


Re: Diesel New Art - ⬲000 in prizes

This si uday from India
I need Infos if I can participate

Jonas Lindberg wrote:

> DNA 2005 has now started! It's a gallery and a competition divided
> into three sections: Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The reward is several
> cash prizes and the chance to exhibit your works in a touring
> exhibition - Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm. The deadline is 31st of
> May 2005.


Re: Call for Proposals: The C4F3 at ISEA2006/ZeroOne

This is uday from kolkata. India
I like to submit my works
If there is any restrictions of categories
or if there is some sample for submissions
uday (-nil)

Anuradha Vikram wrote:

> Deadline: June 1, 2005
> This is an invitation by the ISEA2006 Symposium and ZeroOne San Jose:
> A Global Festival of Art on the Edge to groups and individuals to
> submit proposals for an installation of augmented furniture,
> audio/video/software installations and interactive artwork for The
> C4F3 (The Cafe) during the ISEA2006/ZeroOne from August 5-13, 2006.
> The goal of The C4F3 is to create an active ambient space of augmented
> everyday objects that is not just an art gallery, a restaurant, or a
> chill space, but a new kind of project space where the whole
> environment has been rethought in terms of the capabilities of current
> technology. This Call for Proposals is an invitation to artists,
> designers and technologists to propose existing work for exhibition
> and/or use within the cafe and new projects that support this goal.
> The Inter-Society for Electronic Arts (ISEA) is an international
> non-profit organization fostering interdisciplinary academic discourse
> and exchange among culturally diverse organizations and individuals
> working with art, science and emerging technologies. ZeroOne San Jose
> is a milestone festival to be held biennially that makes accessible
> the work of the most innovative contemporary artists in the world. In
> 2006 it will be held in conjunction with the ISEA2006 Symposium.
> Submissions will be accepted online ONLY at
> http://isea2006.sjsu.edu/C4F3/index.html