Tuomo Tammenpää
Since the beginning
Works in Pornainen Finland

born 1969 in Helsinki
Master of Arts in photography, University of Art and Design, Helsinki 1997
Designer / Partner, YATTA Corporation Ltd
Lives and works in Kemiö, Finland

Tuomo Tammenpää, has a background in visual arts and design. He works as a media artist and designer in Finland sharing his time between practice-based research and development, art productions and commercial design work at concept agency YATTA. After twenty years of work with interactive installations and screen based design he has focused his work on exploring the potential of physical and ubiquitous computing and tangible media in artistic and design practice. He has been exhibiting awarded interactive media installations in Scandinavia, Europe, North-America and in Asia. Tammenpää is a member of Pixelache -festival, M.A.R.I.N. -association, Finnish Media Art Network, Association of Professional Graphic Designers in Finland Grafia and SIGCHI/ACM.

In his artistic & critical design practice Tammenpää is studying the use and creative misuse of technology in the context of consumer / "prosumer" culture. Hacking, modifying, circuit-bending and open hardware & DIY/DIT ideology provide the tools and methods for exploring the relationships between technosociety, consumers and ecologic sustainability.