Tristan Stevens was born near Montreal on the border of Quebec and New York state to a herd of Deer. Aged 6 he was evacuated to his Aunt's in Fontenay Tresignyy, France. There he learnt how to make images with corn onto faux leather boards. Tristan soon fled to outer London and lived on a sofa bed of a friends. Each morning he frequented a high rise where he learnt english through cartoons and arguments, before being taken to a school where he understood nothing. After many moves from cottages in Hampshire to Cul de sacs in Avon, Tristan finally settled in Somerset and started to learn to paint and draw after being given a set of paints and brushes by the next door neighbour who's husband was an amateur painter who had recently passed away. Tristan copied the works of this artist, of cats and other feral animals. 

Finding Nietzsche, Kierkgaard, Kant etc. but never really understanding the loneliness of existentialists, Tristan started to find solace in the works of Romantic painters and poets and also in the writings of Carl Gustav Jung. Seeing that there might be reasoning to all human behaviour, Tristan was able to look unto his own thoughts and myths and maybe communicate a kind of shared 'schizophrenic' observation.