Tristan Stevens juxtaposes smileys with zen gardens. He lets ancient symbols resurface in contemporary technology. His colour palette, gestures and textures gives his work a gentle openness. It feels friendly and welcoming, like an advertisement for ritualistic spiritualism in the distant and futuristic simulations of reality that just might be contemporary society." - Andreas Ervik


Recent exhibitions and events: I/P/1 an internet project by Project/Number, London, in collaboration with Lawrence Lek's Sky Line for Art Licks, UK; FIFTHWALL, solo at Black Swan Arts, UK; Ways of Something Episode 2 minute 25, curated by Lorna Mills, Crazy Sexy Cool, gif screening, for Liquidation, .dpi issue, Studio XX, Montreal; Anatomize, gif screening curated by Rollin Leonard, Transfer Gallery, NY;

Tristan Stevens was born near Montreal on the border of Quebec and New York state to a herd of Deer. Aged 6 he was evacuated to his Aunt's nr. Paris, France. There he learnt how to make images with corn onto faux leather boards. Tristan soon fled to outer London and lived on a sofa bed of a friends. Each morning he frequented a high rise where he learnt english through cartoons and arguments, before being taken to a school where he understood nothing. After many moves from cottages in Hampshire to Cul de sacs in Avon, Tristan finally settled in Somerset and started to learn to paint and draw after being given a set of paints and brushes by the next door neighbour who's husband was an amateur painter who had recently passed away. Tristan copied the works of this artist, of cats and other feral animals. Computers always played a role in his life. From the Casio personal organiser to early 286 games, from PC Paint to CompuServe/AOL internet chat rooms.

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X+1 at Nocturne du MAC. A metaverse of gifs, vids, blips, fliks.

Fri Feb 20, 2015 17:00 - Sat Feb 21, 2015

Montréal, Canada

at the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal:

X+1 unfurls the universe and aesthetics of net art and web culture. For this Nocturne evening, the walls of the circular architectural space of the Rotonde will be filled with a profusion of images. Networking and exchange activities, along with many different creations by local and international artists, will merge together before being retranscribed in a unique, immersive, experience.

The originators of the project⎯Erin Gee, Benoit Palop, Sabrina Ratté and Tristan Stevens⎯have invited artists from their personal networks who, in turn, have each invited another artist, a method of selection that emphasizes URL social activities and the open source, exponential nature of creation in the internet age: hence the designator X+1.

As part of this event, Sabrina Ratté and Roger Tellier-Craig will put on an audiovisual performance at 8 p.m., which will be followed by a performance by hybrid characters created by Erin Gee.


La Nocturne du 20 février 2015:

X+1 déploie l’univers et l’esthétique du net art et de la culture web. En cette soirée Nocturne, les murs et parois de l’espace architectural circulaire de la Rotonde sont animés et investis par un foisonnement d’images. Les activités de réseaux et d’échanges ainsi que les multiples créations d’artistes locaux et internationaux fusionnent avant d’être retranscrites en une expérience visuelle immersive unique.

Les initiateurs du projet, Erin Gee, Benoit Palop, Sabrina Ratté et Tristan Stevens, ont invité des artistes de leurs réseaux personnels qui, chacun à son tour, en ont convié un autre : un mode de sélection mettant l’accent sur les activités sociales URL ainsi que sur le caractère open source et exponentiel de la création à l’ère d’Internet — d’où le désignatif X+1.

Dans le contexte de cet événement, Sabrina Ratté et Roger Tellier-Craig offriront une performance audiovisuelle à 20 h, suivie d’une performance de personnages hybrides conçue par Erin Gee.

Les artiste:
Morehshin Allahyari, Anthony Antonellis, LaTurbo Avedon, Jeremy Bailey, Masha Batsea, John Boyle-Singfield, Brenna Murphy & Birch Cooper, Jennifer Chan, Max D. (Deglazer) : Throughout the evening, the artist will move about the space and project his creations live, M. Plummer Fernandez, Adam Ferriss, Carrie Gates, Émilie Gervais, Erin Gee, Claudia Hart, Anna Hawkins, Faith Holland, Zahid Jiwa, Alex M. Lee, Sara Ludy, Claudia Mate, Lorna Mills, Adriana Minolti, Sam Newell, Maryann Norman, Aoto Oouchi, Eva Papamargariti, Lorena Prain, Sabrina Ratté, Rafia Santana, Nicolas Sassoon, Tristan Stevens, Roger Tellier-Craig, Josh Tonies, Reid Urban and Krist Wood.