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You have weighed yourself, done your homework and set a goal weight. You have your journals, calorie counters and all the necessary tools to help you monitor your weight. You choose a diet plan, which often includes salads, bland diet and high water consumption. This plan will help you consume less calories and lose weight.

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Next, you choose an exercise program. For this phase, you have your exercise plans, tape measure and intend to stick with it, keeping good records of your progress. There are numerous programs available. Pilates are popular and tone your abdominal muscles. Exercise Videos are available which allow you to exercise along with instructors or classes. Another good way to get exercise is to jog or take long walks. All these methods increase metabolism which promotes weight loss as well as tones your body.

High Motivation

No noticeable change is accomplished the first week in weight loss or reduction in inches. If you stay with it, you will see results after around ten days. You will probably lose on average two to three pounds per week and several inches overall. You are highly motivated and keep on schedule. At around thirty days, you notice the weight loss has slowed. Your body becomes accustomed to the reduction in food and the exercise and adjusts. You will have to exercise more and further reduce calories.

Why do Diets and Exercise Fail?

More often than not, diet plans call for elimination of the foods you enjoy the most. These include the tasty sauces, gravy, desserts and sweetened beverages. Because you are not satisfied with the foods you must eat and the weight loss has slowed, you are not likely to continue to sacrifice eating the foods you love. Consequently, you return to old eating habits.

Pilates are good but are hard to do on your own and professional advice is needed to perform the best exercises for specific problem areas. Exercise program are usually led by professionals and you must keep pace with people who are already in good shape. Since these are videos you are not able to ask questions or voice your concerns. Jogging and walking sometimes lead to knee and foot problems. With all these downsides, people usually stop exercise programs after a short period of time. The result is, they fail.