Tracey Meziane Benson
Since 2007
Works in Australia

For many years, artist and researcher Tracey Meziane Benson has focused on notions of national identity, tourism, borders and identity as themes within her creative practice. Since 1995, she has been working with the www and digital video installation. Her work has been presented in many online galleries and projects in Australia and overseas. Tracey was a moderator on the internationally renowned new media list -empyre- from 2005-07. She has participated in: Luminous Green 2008; ANAT Open Source Lab 2007; ISEA2008; AOIR 2006; ISEA2004; Siggraph 2001; N5M4, Amsterdam 2003; N5M3; MAAP’99 and MAAP2000. In 2007, Tracey co-founded the Canberra chapter of dorkbot with Alexandra Gillespie.