tosca hidalgo y teran
Since 2003
Works in Toronto Canada

Tosca has been working with metal and computers for over the past 15 years.
Striving to integrate the two within her jewellery and sculptural objects, her current work explores this integration through a combination of wire frame constructions, hollow forms, shape memory alloys, silicone, sound chips, proximity sensors, sonic distortions, and 3D scans.
By employing that which may be real or imagined (virtual) she is suggesting a believable structure yet one not necessarily rational. The thought forms depicted within this new series work through the implications of surveillance, gestation (genome, cloning), and fruition (what is our future?), searching for some kind of symbolic release. Her intention is to produce original pieces for particular times and situations with a view to building up a small yet versatile catalogue of environmental interactive sculpture (installations) suited for a wide variety of moods and atmospheres.


June 2004
*new* gallery
pupa42. venus in situ, installation

May 2004
Tekhne: Uncommon Objects, part of Digifest04, “On the Move” at Harbourfront CentreToronto, ON

April 2003

March 2003
Digifest, “Electronic Cities” Toronto, ON

April 2000
ACC, Chicago, IL

April 1999
Taos Talking Pictures Art Contingency
Bataan Hall Taos, NM

December 1998
Harwood Museum Taos, NM

April 1998
Taos Invitational Taos, NM

July 1997
“Primitives” ARTLAB

November 1995
Surrounding Structures Art for Living Cleveland, OH

September 1995
Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA

June 1994
“Interactivity” online installation Santa Fe, NM

November 1993
Angels, Icons & Shrines installation Taos, NM
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Uncommon Objects - Tekhne - May 1 to June 20, 2004

Mon Apr 26, 2004 00:00 - Mon Apr 26, 2004

Visual Art Exhibitions Launch at Harbourfront Centre - Saturday May 1, 2004


re: what is *new*?

What is *new*?

*new* is not just a gallery,

*new* is a forum devoted to the investigation of the relationship between visual art, artists and their audience.

*new* is devoted to:

-exhibiting contemporary art in new and dynamic formats
that focus not only on finished works but on
concepts and techniques.

- providing rent-share exhibition space for artists at all stages of their careers.

*new* is open to interpretation and invites artists to submit proposals.

*new* is opening in may, 2003 in
studio #109 case goods building 55 mill street, toronto, ontario m5a3c4 / distillery district

for more information and submission guidelines please visit:


what's *new*?

*new* is not just a gallery.
It is a forum devoted to the investigation of the relationship between visual art, the artists and the audience.
*new* exhibitions will be presented to the public in accordance with new, varied and dynamic exhibition formats that focus not only on the actual work, but also on the underlying production processes. It is not so much our intention to feature work that embrace these aspects
in their artisan context, but rather to search their artistic
merit. To this end, we shall focus not only on the visual
aspect, but also explore all new exhibition formats.

*new* will open spring 2003, case goods building, distillery
district, parliament and front streets, toronto.

*new* is open to interpretation and invites artists to submit
proposals for 2003/2004.

for more information and submission guidelines please visit,