Topher Maraffi
Since 2010
Works in Santa Cruz United States of America

My full name is Christopher Maraffi, but I go by Topher. I’m a performance artist, technical animator, educator, and author. In June 2010 I completed a Digital Arts & New Media (DANM) MFA at UCSC. My thesis was "Mimesis & Mocap", a multi-disciplinary (Theater Arts and Computer Science) performance study in creating believable real-time acting between live and virtual performers within a theatrical show. My two performances, "The Avatar Dance" and "The Magic Mirror Game", envision methods of re-creating classic dance and pantomime movements with a digital double, or Avatar. In the fall 2010 I will start a PhD in Computer Science at UCSC, continuing my collaboration with Theater Arts, to develop expressive and improvisational real-time synthespians.