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is a weight loss product that’s offered by MRM, a nutrition and health supplement company founded in 1996, that claims to utilize “superior ingredients, scientific expertise and modern technology.” Metaburn comes in two different forms, which are Meta-Burn EF and Meta-Burn XTP. Both supplements aim to assist with fat reduction by increasing the user’s metabolism, boosting energy levels and suppressing appetite. While Meta-Burn XTP sells for $31.96 for 90 capsules, Meta-Burn EF sells for $19.95 for 120 capsules. Both versions of Metaburn supplements are emphatically stated to be Ephedra-free.

Some of the primary active ingredients offered in Metaburn products are Green Tea Extract (boosts metabolic rates), Octopamine (helps burn fat), Xanthine Xcellerator (increases thermogenesis), EnergX (increases energy), EGCG (burns fat), Synephrine (burns fat), Hydroxycitric Acid (reduces cravings) and Coleus Forskohlii (promotes fat breakdown). Not only is Metaburn claimed to help reduce the user’s overall body weight, but it is additionally supposed to help preserve lean muscle mass. Metaburn is directed to be taken each day with water, three capsules at a time. Unfortunately, free trial samples of Meta-Burn EF and Meta-Burn XTP are not offered via the official website. These supplements are intended to be incorporated with a regular fitness regimen and healthy eating.