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Meaning, from artists individual POV a negative public crit of a current show could be worse for the artist, on a whole, than whatever enlightenment they might get from the crit"

But you specifically tied this to the market, not just what the artist does or doesn't get out of the criticism on a personal level.

You said that criticism "hinders an artist's purpose." I don't agree and I'm not mischaracterizing it.



The negative probably outweighs whatever positive comes of it"

is a direct quote from your own post. Sorry you don't want to discuss it.



Typo: "many of art movements" should read "many art movements.



My digitalmediatree blog isn't unorganized--you found the exact language I was talking about.
I couldn't disagree more with these statements:

>>The critic's purpose is to crit & publish those crits. The artist's purpose is to create and exhibit those creations (and sell them). The critic may hinder the artist's purpose. When that happens, the artist isn't happy... is that a surprise?"

Artists aren't uninvolved with the process of explaining and defending their work. They write (or approve) press releases, recruit critical proponents...
Some critics are also artists, and their words are not the typical institutional "one way" argument. Especially words on their blogs.
You say the negative effect of criticism on an artist's market outweighs the positive effects of criticism.
Yet many of art movements were defined by "negative" criticism--e.g., Impressionism, Fauvism--and now have enormous markets.
You didn't say critics should shut up, nor did I say you said that.
Your words "total bullshit," "BS," and "naive" are emotional and don't contribute anything to this discussion.


Let It Spin

Great responses, thanks. Other things to consider:

1. is chock-a-block with the fruits of inordinately long websurfing sessions

but sometimes just dumping files, which looks like work but is lazy

2. hilarious if sometimes unnerving audio loops

autoplaying embedded files on surf blogs is easy "transgression"--pushing art at people

3. shameless resizes calling for inconsistent page widths

obscuring what you're trying to say in posts that aren't about "breaking the boundaries