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Net 2.0 and new stuff

We discussed this about 4 years ago on my, um, blog:

My friend Dave wrote:

How low level can one go in this contest...

... did the artist develop the "language" they used to write the program to produce the art...

... did the artist write the compiler which compiles the program into machine code which runs the program which displays the art....

... did the artist build the computer which was used to write the program and run the program...

... did the artist build the components for the computer which was used to write the program to ....

... did the artist manufacture the materials used to fabricate the components used for the computer....blah, blah, blah.

IMHO, it shouldn't matter if the artist is a programmer or not, it is the resulting visual product which matters (unless the artist is into "process" art so in this case, they get all anal about the endless details of how they made such and such widget art object. But then they are really just technicians, much like print makers who only can talk about hand making their own papers from grandma's antique but stained linen bedsheets and using exotic inks made from virtually extinct sea mammals).

FWIW, many programmers feel they are artists as well. They write "elegant," sparse, and minimal code with individual "style." Their code is their art, much akin to poetry.

Pre-developed software is a tool, so are programming development languages. They both are tools which can be used as a means to do interesting things.

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When you go surfclubbin', don't forget your hat.

tom: "use white to avoid making any aesthetic color choices"
but by avoiding what you perceive as "aesthetic" you then risk to be experienced as socially, let's say, common

that's fine--the logic of "defaults" is that the viewer looks past the template and judges the site by its uncommon amount of excellent art, music and writing. [smiley]

as for the best combination for eyesight it is 00FF00 on 000000

not my eyesight! the black and green gives me a headache. My feeble laptop LCD reduces white to a mellow grey glow.

I don't see this issue as political, compared to say, 1 out of 100 of my country's adult citizens being in prison. We have to prioritize what we politic about.


Hacking The Defaults (Linkoln's Topiary Refix)

I think when T.Whid described Nasty Nets, et al, as graffiti he was thinking of Screenfull.


When you go surfclubbin', don't forget your hat.

Damon, thanks for the Melville. I had forgotten the "high horror of whiteness.