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Announcing: Net Aesthetics 2.0 Webcast

Thanks again, billy. I should add that there was indeed a full house, and people seemed to be having a good time, although there was some attrition, and notable sighs and groans during T.Whid's presentation. (I figure if he can make shit up about audience response I can too.)


Announcing: Net Aesthetics 2.0 Webcast

The transcript says who was talking and when.
As for content:

"There is no basement in the New Museum or the Alamo" (Pee Wee Herman reference)
"Why did all these people leave the room?/They [panelists? audience?] suck./Not enough LOLCats" (there was attrition of the audience during the panel)
"This is just as awkward as being there for real" (funny)
"I've joined a bunch of online communities but never like 'the' surf clubs that get promo'ed so much now."
"Surf clubs are more of a fun thing, easier to look at than someone's personal blog which is more serious."
"I don't know - my blog has completely become like a solo surf club." (funny)
Guthrie attempts to describe a mock panel discussion that Damon (one of the panelists) said his school did. No one is listening, so he bails.
Rhizome-1 never revealed her identity.

I could keep going--as a panelist I found this meta level interesting.


When you go surfclubbin', don't forget your hat.

Ooh, you guys are so cutting.
Hey, Vijay,
Maybe you would like to reconsider this statement:

"What I love about discussion on Rhizome -- or at least the direction that I perceive that it's going -- is that it's one of the few critical spaces where people recognize technologies as (en|dis)abling certain strategies for the artist, and not as the strategies or value-expressions themselves"

in light of some of these epithets/insults? (hipsters, teenage goth nerds, self promotion, graffiti/mail art, "duh what's a surf club?" etc)

It's kind of an interesting dynamic that the art Lauren, Ed, Marisa, and Ceci have been championing on the Rhizome front pages has this Greek chorus (peanut gallery?) of angry old-timers on the Rhizome back pages. Or maybe not so interesting.


Announcing: Net Aesthetics 2.0 Webcast

Thanks, billy. I missed the feed so this was appreciated.
I gotta say the enthusiasm of this bunch who cared enough to watch the feed--random as it is--is a nice antidote to the bile on some of the other threads.
It was a fun night, and I was honored to be at the "PC table."


Net Ae 2.0 postmortem

I was beseeching, not citing, the Deity.

Patrick: "Maybe it might be nice if the current wave had some desire to engage with the previous generation..."

Damon Zucconi, of the current wave, had some pretty good questions that got lost in the usual swamp of the previous generation obsessing about the galleries and monetization:

"The problem i have is deciding whether or not this becomes a kind of medium-specificity (are protocols material conditions?) or works within the idea of a 'technical support'...

i understand that "" is tied to a specific 'movement' of course, but why wouldn't we have to worry about historical precedents and procedures?"