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Matthew Fuller Interviews Graham Harwood and Jean Demars at Space in London

while at Rhizome be sure to read about coal-fired computers and feel really bad about yourself. (I seem to recall this was a late '90s canard designed to spur coal production - one lump per megabyte or whatever - but I'm sure the artists have done their homework this time and aren't just passing around bogus industry statistics. Nothing like having a coal stove hooked to a laptop to make your point - subtle!)


Somewhere on the Floor (2010) - Brody Condon

Why is Saks' green light for this a "surprise"? Guess everyone's forgotten heroin chic and Diesel's "dead teenagers" campaign. And name-checking Trisha Brown, how wonderfully correct.



Artist Michael Smith on “Open House”

Good interview, thanks. Shout out to Michael.
I was lucky to have seen Open House in its real space incarnation. It made perfect sense in the old NewMu basement, which was a loft-type space such as the one Smith and White were pseudo-documenting. That gave everything a recursive layer that would be impossible in the new "modern" NewMu. The experience was immersive: you were surrounded on all sides by the archaeological layers of this fictional Soho artist's so-called life of false starts and stopgap solutions, from old paintings stashed in a storage nook to the artist's video-editing "day job" workspace (a room within a room within a room). I remember in Mike's video intro for the installation he talks mock-enthusiastically about "getting his own home page." A late '90s-style HTML interface would have been the perfect way to do the web version.

Unfortunately I can't evaluate John Michael's handiwork because I can't get the web version to load. I launch from a pop-up and then my browser says "transferring data from" for a long time. I hit the start button and everything freezes. Instead of downloading the entire site with some indeterminate wait time why not use links to individual bits of content?
Best, Tom Moody


Reappearance of the Undead

Just to clarify--not saying Lialina's project is infected, merely that it was made before infection became an everyday occurrence.