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Review: Oliver Laric's Kopienkritik at Skulpturhalle Basel

In its ideal form crowd-sourcing works like the 12 person jury--everyone has some insight or observation to contribute, regardless of their authority or expertise. The plaster casts aren't meant to constitute a collective wisdom. As you say they are considered second best. Once they've served their purpose as a learning aid they mostly just take up space. Merely aggregating them in a gallery doesn't make them crowdsourcing. Projecting the "Versions" video on the plaster casts would seem to be about redundancy and superfluity, then and now. Either way, it's making kind of a strained connection between the artist's video work and the sculptures--literally projecting present day attitudes and values onto the past.



Go Ahead, Touch Her

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Report from BYOB Venezia

What is the basis (citation, reference, etc) for this statement in the above review?
"BYOB first
launched last year in Berlin by Dutch artists Rafaƫl Rozendaal and Anne de Vries to
combat the reliance upon institutions for the facilitation of new media exhibitions."
I am looking at the BYOB FAQ ( ) and I don't see anything about combatting institutional reliance.


Domenico Quaranta on Jon Rafman show, copyright issues

correction to the first sentence: " lawsuits over copyrighting of samples in hiphop music.