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rand()%news 06.2004

rand()%news 06.2004

rand()% is an automated station, streaming generative music by international sound artists + programmers.

rand()% is pleased to announce the inclusion of the following new works:

+. Alku: Formatissimo I + II
+. Steinbruchel / Brusa: -00:dedaih
+. pix: tabfight2k-r4nd1
+. Renox: rand2DLsND8, rwalk, abstractB
+. Tom Davis: Music on Hold

check the schedule at:


Artist: Alku
Title: Formatissimo I + II
Software: Pure Data
An audio blueprint of the classic chicken / egg dilemma. A PD program generates a text file filled with random numbers which is then converted into audio data. The resulting audio is then analysed and dumped into the same text file which is then re-converted again... and again... and again.... Formatissimo deals with the issues of creation, iteration and endless recycling.

Artist: Steinbruchel / Brusa
Title: -00:dedaih
Software: Director
-00:dedaih is a computer generated audiovisual piece utilising pristine tones and clean sharp microtextures. It was created for the Migros Museum of Contemporary Art in Zurich and recently released as a 3" CD on synchron.

Artist: pix
Title: tabfight2k-r4nd1
Software: Pure Data
pix is a developer and part-time collaborator with Farmersmanual. His work is often based on the capture and transformation of data streams to control sound and video. tabfight2k-r4nd1 is inspired by the act of rendering kernel (operating system) data directly to the computers soundcard.

Artist: Renox
Title[s]: microsounds2004 - rand2DLsND8, rwalk, abstractB
Software: Director / Shockwave
Renox uses classic structural algorithms like Pythagoras and Fourier to control and grow audio fractal patterns. These abstract forms trigger microsound fragments, creating a delicate ambient sound space.

Artist: Tom Davis
Title[s]: Music on Hold
Software: Pure Data
Tom Davis lives in Bristol (UK) and has just finished a Masters in Creative Sound Production. He is currently working on interactive systems for performance. Music on Hold is a generative piece of telephone 'on hold' music. It utilises markov chain probability to control the playback of various simulated instruments (vibraphones,organs and synths).

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rand()% is commissioned by Media Centre Network, Huddersfield, England.



Fri May 07, 2004 12:18


+ + DEADLINE: FRIDAY 28 MAY 2004 + +


Residency Period
3 months

July 04 - Sept 04

Huddersfield, England

The AiR programme at The Media Centre aims to
support the exploration and development of new
work in digital/interactive/network media and
technology based arts practice. The residency
provides time and resources to artists in a
supportive environment to facilitate the creation
of new work; we encourage a cross disciplinary and
experimental approach. This is a practice based
residency designed to enable the development and
completion of a new work.


+ Time and space to develop ideas
+ Accommodation in large 2 bedroom apartment
+ 24/7 access to technical facilities
+ Technical support
+ Contribution to travel costs to and from
+ Free internet access
+ Bursary of




rand()%news 04.04

rand()% is a computer automated station, streaming generative music by international sound artists and programmers.

we are pleased to announce an updated schedule and the inclusion of several new generative audio works:

1. Eric Skogen: AMOK_5 [Pure Data]

2. Karlheinz Stockhausen: Studie II - random version [Max/MSP]. Programmed
by: Georg Hajdu with assistance from Sven Bey, Thorsten Floth, Catrin Groth + Ulrike Luttmann.

3. Sonicvariable: rand()%rain [Max/MSP]

4. host productions: untitled [Max/MSP]

5. Peter Plessas: r4nd.pd [Pure Data]

please check the schedule at

rand()% also features the work of:
Alku / Dieb13 / Lia+Carvalhais / Mijim / Nullpointer / / Plank / Charlie Ferrari / Thor+Runar Magnusson / Fehler vs. Pimmon / Adrian Ward / Dennis McNulty / Eude /

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-----| rand()%




rand[]% Broadcasting now

ULTRASOUND / 2003 / 27 / 28 / 29 / NOV /
ULTRASOUND / rand[]% / internetradiobot /

Broadcasting now. The current schedule can be
read by visiting the site here:

rand[]% is a station broadcasting a
unique series of artist / musician developed
audio programs.

rand[]% schedules sequences of constantly
mutating [generative] software applications and

rand[]% is entirely automated; every programme
is composed in real-time by computer.
rand[]% Live from Ultrasound
Fri 28 Nov + Sat 29 Nov
7pm - 1am [UK GMT]

On Friday 28 and Saturday 29 November rand[]%
will stream a mix of live audio and the rand[]%
schedule directly to your computer, from the
Ultrasound Festival in Huddersfield, UK.


rand()% internetradiobot

Tue Nov 18, 2003 12:15


------| rand()% is a real-time streaming generative internet radio

It exists as a host for computer driven / user defined audio
programming that is entirely automated, where every programme
transmitted is composed in real-time by computer. All audio is generated on demand by a unique series of artist / musician developed programs.

int rand ( void );

------| Currently featuring work by:
Alku [es] / Dieb13 [at] / Boris Hauf [uk] / Lia + Carvalhais [at+pt] /
Mijim [uk] / Nullpointer [uk] / [uk] / Josepf Plank [uk] /
Charlie Ferrari [uk] / Thor + Runar Magnusson [is] / Andy Gracie [uk] /
Dave Corbett [uk] /

------| rand()% is an ongoing project with the ambition to broadcast
a wide range of artists projects in the realm of generative audio.

rand()% invites participation. current tested + approved protocols
include: Max/msp / Pure Data / Shockwave Flash / Director / Koan /
C++ / Perl / etc.

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_______......./ +
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implementation defined.
Return Value.
An integer value between 0 and RAND_MAX.
Defined in ANSI-C.




Commissioned by the Digital Research Unit, The Media Centre, Huddersfield