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Digital Research Unit / BASE Research

DRU {36} / 31.01.05 /
Digital Research Unit / BASE
The DRU Research Programme provides space, time
and resources for practice led research and
development projects. The programme encourages
practitioners to work in an experimental and
cross disciplinary way.

Formed in the Autumn of 2004 in response to the
emergence of a network of creative practitioners
in the West Yorkshire region interested in the
development of new content and applications for
mobile, wireless and location-aware technologies.

BASE is a trans-disciplinary collaborative
group whose members include games developers,
academics, artists, content creators, researchers,
consultants and cultural entrepreneurs.

To read individual papers, profiles and emerging
ideas please follow the links below:

Daniel Blackburn [Carbon Based Games Ltd.]

Stuart Nolan [Hex Induction]

Lisa Roberts [Blink]

Jen Southern [Artist]

Andrew Wilson [Blink]

Members of BASE will present at these events:

Pervasive and Locative Arts Network
1.15pm Wednesday 02 February
ICA, London, UK

3pm Sunday 06 February
Transmediale, Berlin



Fri Dec 17, 2004 11:07

SCIART offers 500 000 per year to further
support and encourage innovative arts projects
investigating biomedical science and its social

Who can apply
The nominated project coordinator or organisation
should be based in the UK and the eventual
outcome should be first disseminated in the UK.

The Media Centre seeks outline proposals from
creative practitioners working with digital,
interactive, or network media [software art,
mobile technologies, pervasive media and physical

If you would like to discuss this further please
contact us at:

Collaboration between art and science is a
buoyant field of activity. Visual art, music,
digital media, film, creative writing and the
performing arts provide fresh and exciting ways
of interacting with scientific research,
intriguing and captivating spectators and engaging
a wide range of audiences in scientific issues.
In turn, science - with its vivid history, complex
contemporary advances and the social, ethical and
emotional implications offers an inexhaustible
supply of inspiration for the arts.

Projects should aim to explore new modes of
enquiry and stimulate fresh thinking and debate
in both disciplines. Innovation and experimentation
are crucial. At the same time projects should be
accessible to diverse audiences and should attempt
to engage the public in the philosophical and
ethical issues that surround contemporary
biomedical science.

There are two SCIART awards available:
1. Research and Development Awards [to 15,000]
Research and Development awards aim to support
the development of ideas in their formative stages.

Artists and scientists can either work in a
collaborative partnership or residency, or named
scientists can take an advisory role in an arts
project. The Research award could have two
possible outcomes: either open-ended research,
or small-scale productions which could include
prototypes, artworks, performances, broadcast
proposals or digital media.

The awards are aimed at arts and science
practitioners, as well as mediators, academics
and health professionals.
2. Production Awards [from 50,000]*
Production awards will be awarded to substantial
projects likely to make a significant impact on
the public's engagement with science.

They are aimed at arts, science and broadcast
organisations and can be used to fund major
activities such as exhibitions, art projects,
programmes for TV and radio, theatre, film,
public performance or events programmes.

Individuals will also be eligible to apply
provided they are attached to, or associated with
a recognized organization and can demonstrate a
clear strategy for public presentation and
associated outcomes.
Deadline: 22 April 2005
* There is no fixed upper limit to the amount of
Production funds that can be applied for,
however, applicants are advised to contact the
SCIART office prior to submission if the proposed
budget exceeds 100,000.

For further information please visit:
The Media Centre
7 Northumberland Street
West Yorkshire

Follow the 'MAILING LIST' link
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Tom Holley | Creative Director | Media Centre Network |


ULTRASOUND / 2004 / 25 / 26 / 27 November /

ULTRASOUND / 2004 / 25 / 26 / 27 November /
Ultrasound is a three day international festival
exploring experimental sound, electronic music
and the creative use of new and emerging
technologies. Ultrasound 2004 presents a diverse
programme of live performances, workshop,
installation, presentations and DJ night.

The live sets present UK and international creators
of contemporary electronic music who use experimental
programming techniques to create a range of musical
performances embracing fractured, impossible rhythms
and delicate organic sounds.

+ Please note - all events are FREE.
Workshop Leaders: Andy Gracie, Enrike Hurtado,
Thor Magnusson and Aymeric Mansoux.


A hands on workshop designed for all skill levels;
anyone can attend, but it will be of special
interest to artists, new media practitioners, video
artists, musicians, graphic, multimedia, and
3D designers.

The workshop explores open source coding
environments and tools, new instruments, concepts,
and play for multimedia. Introducing Pure Data,
Python, SuperCollider, Processing, and Max/MSP.

After a short introduction to these environments,
we explore how they can communicate with each other
via a new protocol called OSC [Open Sound Control].
We present the fundamentals of device control,
using the Teleo system within Max/MSP.

A Digital Research Unit event, part of the Creative
Labs series of workshops. Supported by Yorkshire
Forward as part of the Centre of Excellence in Digital
Design at the University of Huddersfield.

To book please contact Clare Danek on:
0870 990 5007
or email:
ALKU DJs [ES] / THU 25 / 7.30pm - Late /
Anna Ramos and Roc Jimenez de Cisneros have been
active in the area of computer music and digital
arts since 1997, both creating music and
installations and publishing other artists
material on their home label, Alku. These include:
Jliat, Edwin van der Heide, Hecker, Charlie
Ferrari, Wobbly, Yasunao Tone, Team Doyobi,
Powerbooks for Peace and Pita.

Alku return this year with an eclectic DJ set,
playing classic computer music, early
electroacoustics, whale songs, bluegrass, black
metal and everything in between.
SHOWCASE / FRI 26 / 10am - 4.30pm /
A Digital Research Unit event featuring
presentations, demonstrations and discussions
relating to the application of new technologies to
creative practice.

Chaired by Drew Hemment, Director, Futuresonic.

Steve Symons | Aura
A sonic multi-user augmented reality that allows
users to create a personal audio landscape through
their actions within a defined space, and in doing
so, they also alter the soundscape for other users.

Alex McLean | TOPLAP
The application of live programming to composition
and performance. TOPLAP advocates treating
algorithms as live artistic material, allowing them
to be written and manipulated on the fly.

Andrew Wilson | Anywhereblogs
A locative media project which allows anyone with
a mobile phone to join in location based conversations
with others.

Tuomo Tammenpaa | Creative R&D
Computer vision and video tracking within a Max/MSP
environment. Combined with physical computing
prototypes these experiments form a basic set of
participatory tools for installation based interactive
FARMERSMANUAL [AT] / FRI 26 / 7.30pm - Late /
Farmersmanual is a pan-European, multisensory
disturbance conglomerate creating new instruments
for improvisation, networked performances and
remote collaboration, developing ways of recording
that encourage openness and reinterpretation.

Farmersmanual have created a series of performances
and installations since 1996, continuously
expanding their performance and publishing practice
from music concerts to interdisciplinary cultural,
aesthetic and political experiments, which move
away from static representations of art and culture,
towards environments where the public becomes an
essential part of the work. Their latest experiments
focus on integrating virtual and physical space to
create synaesthetical objects, presenting an
interconnected, holistic view of the world by
layering sensual experiences.

Extracting a shadow from the skeleton of network
flow. A layer of technological reality usually
hidden becomes accessible through mediation
into sound and visual flicker. Erratically shifting
from chittering machines into the human realm. Replay
in different timescales. Different times. Different
speeds. Useless information ­ still unpredictable.

During Ultrasound, Farmersmanual will produce a
networked concert between Huddersfield and elsewhere.
KLIPP AV [UK/SE] / FRI 26 / 7.30pm - Late /
Presented in accordance with the TOPLAP manifesto,
so we can see [as well as hear] beat cutting and
body rocking algorithms develop.

Fredrik Olofsson works with visual and audio art,
programming, secret intelligence agents, and cafes.
Fredrik is the more important and generally
better turned out half of klipp av. Nick Collins
is secretly a hard working music researcher who
develops new technologies for laptop performance.
Nick is the more important and generally better
turned out half of klipp av.

Live audiovisual cutting is the linking of
interactive generative beats with video and
computer graphics. A klipp av performance is
extremely live ­ all algorithmic composition runs
in realtime under a host of user controls,
including the difficult but powerful method of
live coding, that is, programming SuperCollider on
the fly.

The audience witness the use of live video,
scratched and cut up in sync with the audio cutters
running in the music. Stutters in sound translate
into stutters in video, while the performers
themselves dance frantically for the cameras; the
audience is involved through video and audio capture.
More subtle and abstract mappings are used,
aside from live video, some fantastic demonstrations
of the techniques come with the control of
generative 3D graphics.
MILEECE [UK] / FRI 26 / 7.30pm - Late /
Mileece was born in 1978 in London, England. She
has a degree in Sonic Art where she specialised
in generative computer programming languages.

Her first album Formations [Lo-Recordings] is
comprised of a series of compositions, wholly or
partly derived from programs she wrote in

The compositions themselves were inspired by
formations in nature: the rotating progression
of sparse then condensed spouts of growth in
plants, the changing hues and intensities of light,
the sudden changing gusts to wisps of the wind,
the unfathomably intricate structures of
snowflakes, the random patterns of raindrops as
they fall to ground.

Mileece believes that the computer can be
transformed from an inanimate object to something
capable of participating in the creation of music
in a way which is interactive with the composer
as well as the audience.

In her programs, the computer assumes the role
of performer within a spectrum from the spontaneous
to the directed [even at times co-composer],
navigating through restricted chance operations
to generate its uncannily human sounding formations
and sundry levels of listening.
STEPHAN MATHIEU [DE] / SAT 27 / 7.30pm - Late /
Stephan Mathieu is a digital artist who lives in
Saarbrucken, Germany. He spent a good part of
the 90s as an improvising drummer in Berlin but
now works mainly in the field of digital music.

Stephan¹s music [either released under his own
name or as Full Swing] is infused with a warmth
and glow usually associated with analogue sound
production. Using extracts of melodies and texture
from various sources, he weaves deep, beautiful
evolving soundscapes bathed in swathes of static
and hiss.

He also creates sound installations, graphic
design and teaches digital arts and conceptual
practice at the University for Arts and Design,
Saarbrucken and works as a guest lecturer at the
Bauhaus University, Weimar and the Merz-Akademie
in Stuttgart, Germany.

Stephan¹s music has been released on Fallt,
Ritornell, Korm Plastics, EN/OF, Lucky Kitchen,
Brombron, Hapna and Orthlorng Musork.

|--- -- | --- | - -| ||
MARK FELL [UK] / SAT 27 / 7.30pm - Late /
Topology is a branch of mathematics concerning
possible spaces and objects: curves, surfaces,
knots, manifolds, phase spaces, symmetrical
groups, etc. The work explores spatial and temporal
deformations, twistings, rotations, reflections
and stretchings. Here spaces and objects are not
self-evident and singular, but multiple, irregular,

The work began as a documentation of recent
installations ­ some in public spaces, some gallery
works, some large works, some small. Inspired by
the problems brought up by this activity, instead
of using recordings to document them, ten processes
came about, each of which relates to the spaces
and works in a different way; a recording, or system
used to run the work, a pattern, a method or
technique, a way of working, a name, or a reference
point outside the work.

Mark Fell was born and educated in Sheffield. His
works, usually interactive, time based or
generative, draw upon an interest in contemporary
philosophy, computer science, and being human.

With collaborator Mat Steel he works as snd,
releasing on Mille Plateaux [Frankfurt], with
other projects on OR [London], Line [New York],
and [Vienna]. Mark¹s major works have been
show at Hong Kong National Film archive,
ISEA [Paris], Sonar [Barcelona], Creativity
Cognition Studios [Sydney], Siggraph [LA], Mutek
[Montreal] and others.
TABLEX [UK/FR] / SAT 27 / 7.30pm - Late /
TOPLAP [Temporary Organisation for the Promotion
of Live Algorithm Programming], was set up to
explore the application of live programming to
composition and performance. TOPLAP advocates
treating algorithms as live artistic material,
allowing them to be written and manipulated while
they create music or video, perhaps in front of
an audience.

Tablex is a collaboration between Alex Garacotche
of Voodoo Muzak and Alex McLean of slub. Garacotche
plays processed drums, his software chopping up
and restructuring his sound into fractured,
impossible rhythms. McLean writes Perl software
live according to the TOPLAP manifesto, working
with his code as musical material, generating
wigged-out skiffle.

Two unusual directions towards the simple end of
making very live, improvised computer music.
SI-CUT.DB [UK] / SAT 27 / 7.30PM - LATE /
Hailing from Brentford, West London, Douglas
Benford has been releasing his digital music under
the alias SI-CUT.DB since 1991. As well as the
SI-CUT.DB moniker, with seven albums released
under this guise, Benford has also recorded as
Radial Blend, Pantunes Music, Phoenix Jig and
Media Form.

Benford has collaborated with Scanner,
Rechenzentrum, Janek Schaefer, Iris Garrelfs,
Stephan Mathieu, Benge [currently as Tennis],
and Tonne. Ranging from microsound and electronica
to dub, Benford has released music on Fallt, Bip
Hop, Back Ground, Highpoint Lowlife and 12K.

Benford's current approach to his SI-CUT.DB work
tends, with perfomances and recordings, to use a
variety of softwares [generative and file morphing
is a trademark] and sound sample source techniques
from improvised acoustic recordings and lo-fi
childrens keyboards, which are then edited, effected,
and sequenced. The latest SI-CUT.DB album entitled
Offices At Night is recently released on the Fallt
label, with remixes up-coming from Mitchell
Akiyama, Akira Rabelais, Hrvatski and others.

He has played Ars Electronica, Tate Modern, Nokialab,
Transmediale, Sintesi and New Forms festivals,
and has been a co-curator of Sprawl electronic
music events and label for over eight years, as
well as founding the Suburb Of Hell and Pantunes
by Tom Betts and Joe Gilmore.

rand()% is commissioned by Media Centre Network.

rand()%lab is a group exhibition created by Tom
Betts and Joe Gilmore. rand()% is an automated
internet radio station broadcasting real-time
generative music by sound artists and programmers.
rand()%lab features installations by Joe Gilmore,
Tom Betts and Alku, and a selection of
audiovisual works by Dextro, Lia, Miguel Carvalhais,
Steinbruchel, Brusa, Renox, Thor Magnusson, Runar
Magnusson and Birta Thrastardottir.
The Media Centre
07 Northumberland St
+44 [0]870 990 5007



Apologies for cross posting.
ULTRASOUND / 2004 / 25 / 26 / 27 November /
The Media Centre
07 Northumberland St
+44 [0]870 990 5007

+ Please note - all events are FREE!

+ Further announcements follow in the coming weeks.

+ Stay in touch - sign up to the e-list here:

ULTRASOUND / LIVE / Stephan Mathieu [Germany] /
"While the archetypal application of laptop DSP
synthesis ends up tainted by antiseptic, clinical
or cold tones, Mathieu manages to wrap all of
his digital pixelations in a dreamy, warmly
crackling, and wholly inviting atmosphere, not
unlike the beloved Aphex Twin album 'Selected
Ambient Works Vol II.'(…)Mathieu's work ranks way
up at the top of the increasingly prolific
laptop community alongside Fennesz, Carsten Nicolai,
and Stilluppsteypa."

Jim Haynes in Aquarius Records Review, Los Angeles

Since 1999 Stephan has released fifteen albums on
labels around the globe. In 2002 British magazine
'The Wire' voted 'frequencyLib' among the 10 best
electronic music releases of the year.

+ Website:
ULTRASOUND / LIVE / Farmersmanual [Austria] /
"Formed in Vienna in the mid 90s, the Farmersmanual
collective represents media art at its most
anarchistic. While being best known for their
recordings, in recent years the group have shifted
their emphasis towards extensive live performances,
in which imaginative computer animation,
synchronised with 'chaos-particle-accelerating'
music, and the overall ambience of uncontrollable
technology form a seamless whole."

The Farmersmanual set will be a live collaboration
between Huddersfield and Berlin via the internet.

Anton Nikkila,

+ Website:
Her compositions are inspired by formations in
nature: the rotating progression of sparse then
condensed spouts of growth in plants, the changing
hues and intensities of light, the sudden changing
gusts to wisps of the wind, the unfathomably
intricate structures of snow flakes, the random
patterns of raindrops as they fall to ground.

+ Website:
ULTRASOUND / LIVE / TOPLAP [UK/International] /
TOPLAP is the Temporary Organisation for the
Promotion of Live Algorithm Programming, set up
to explore the application of live programming to
composition and performance. TOPLAP advocates
treating algorithms as live artistic material,
allowing them to be written and manipulated
while they create music or video, perhaps in
front of an audience.

+ Website:
Douglas Benford has collaborated with Scanner,
Rechenzentrum, Janek Schaefer, Iris Garrelfs,
Stephan Mathieu, Benge (as Tennis), and Tonne.
Ranging from microsound, electronica and dub,
Benford has released music on Fallt, Bip hop,
BackGround, Highpoint Lowlife and 12K.

He has played Ars Electronica, Tate Modern,
Nokialab and Transmediale & Sintesi festivals,
and has been a co-curator of Sprawl electronic
music events and label for eight years.

+ Website:
ULTRASOUND DJs / Alku [Spain] /
Alku is an artistic collective from Barcelona,
working in the fields of computer music and
digital arts; they performed at Ultrasound in
2002, as Evol.

Alku return this year with an eclectic DJ set.

+ Website:

by Tom Betts and Joe Gilmore.

rand()% is commissioned by Media Centre Network.

rand()%lab is a presentation by the generative station, rand()%, applied to a gallery
context. The installation uses the laboratory as
a metaphor for research and investigation into
random number generation and sound. The exhibition
will feature new audio works by rand()% artists
Tom Betts, Joe Gilmore, Alku, James Brouwer
and Mileece, installed for the first time in a
physical location.

Various experiments will be presented: the
results of ongoing investigations into quantum
random numbers, mutant Unix code and bio-acoustic
research. By using sensor technologies and
software agents to take signal feeds from plants,
light, the quantum decay of beta particles, lemons,
and data packet sniffing from information systems,
new audio experiments are created.

The artists and their collaborators will evolve
the experiments and processes over the two month
duration of the exhibition.

Visitors will be able to listen to the rand()%
live stream via headphone listening posts, and
browse exisiting rand()% works which have a
previously unseen accompanying visual element,
including works by rand()% collaborators:

Lia + Miguel Carvalhais [LMLB03]
Steinbruchel / Brusa [-00:dedaih]
Eude [Aluminia......5080 m/s]
Thor and Runar Magnusson [Same, Same but Different]

+ Website:
Multimedia Research Lab
Canalside East
Queensgate Campus
University of Huddersfield

Wednesday 24, Thursday 25, Friday 26 November
10am to 4pm

A Digital Research Unit event supported by
Yorkshire Forward as part of the Centre
of Excellence in Digital Design at the University
of Huddersfield.

Workshop Leaders
ixi-software with Host Productions, plus special

Who is it for?
Anyone can attend this workshop, but it will be
of special interest to new media artists,
musicians, creative industries practitioners,
especially graphic artists and designers, video
artists, multimedia designers, and 3D designers.

What is Pure Data?
Pure Data or 'PD' is an open source programming
environment for multimedia development. It is
used for real-time processing of data, particularly
in sound related works, and can be extended through
the use of a range of 'externals' or software
libraries to include real-time video and openGL

Pure Data runs on Linux, OS X, and Windows.

This workshop presents:

+ GEM [graphics environment for multimedia]
The PD external for openGL graphics processing
and other externals for real-time video works.

+ Physical Computing Technologies
Interfacing PD to serial controls from a

+ Introduction to the Python Programming Language
Its integration with PD, and general use in
multimedia audio/visual processing software.


Clare Danek
Tel: 0870 990 5007
Tom Holley
Creative Director
Media Centre Network


SUMMER PROGRAMME 04 / Land Marks: Huddersfield / UK

Apologies for cross posting!

Land Marks: Huddersfield | UK |

Saturday 10 July 04
12pm - 5pm

Venue: The Media Centre | Huddersfield | UK |

+ Info: 0870 990 5007

Schedule of events

1 pm - Surface Patterns Tour
2 pm - Surface Patterns Tour
3 pm - Surface Patterns Tour

+ Tours start from The Media Centre reception.

4 pm - Poetry Reading

Eleanor Rees will introduce and read from her new
commission for Speakers Corner, ‘Nameless Poem’
in The Media Centre Cafe Bar.

Land Marks: Huddersfield, is a one day event at
The Media Centre to launch three new media art
projects based in Huddersfield which emerge from
the town’s landscape, history and collective
memory. Wireless and mobile technologies are
employed by artists and poets to trace and
document memory and experience, exploring ways
that our knowledge of streets and buildings are
inseparable from our personal memories.
1. Surface Patterns: are you on the map?
01 July 04 - 01 July 04

Surface Patterns provides free access to the
hidden histories of twelve sites across
Huddersfield. It aims to inspire both visitors and
the people who live and work in Huddersfield to
learn about local heritage via their mobile
phones, and to contribute to an evolving audio and
text archive. By texting a key number mobile phone
users can access text and sound files 24 hours a
day, seven days a week to reveal the hidden
histories of each site and learn how a series of
locations have been transformed over time.

Created by Blink / Supported by The Media Centre.
2. Surface Patterns: Audio Tours by Jen Southern
10 July - 24 Sept 2004
Mon - Fri
10am - 5.30pm

A new work commissioned jointly by The Media
Centre and Blink.

Surface Patterns: Audio Tours uses a Global
Positioning System [GPS] device to explore how
memory is linked to urban and domestic place. The
GPS device itself can only describe latitude,
longitude and altitude; however, when used to trace
the route that someone takes through a place, it
can reveal the pattern of the path taken, allowing
us to share knowledge of hidden locations and
unexpected vantage points along that path.
3. Speakers Corner: Nameless Poem by Eleanor Rees
Following a recent upgrade of the Speakers Corner
display, The Media Centre, in collaboration with
The Word Hoard, is pleased to announce the launch
of a commission by Liverpool poet Eleanor Rees.
Eleanor has written a new poem specifically for
presentation on Speakers Corner; over the coming
months the public are invited to respond to the
refrain “Tell me something of this,” using text
messaging or via the website.

+ The project will go live on Speakers Corner on
10 July 2004.

Info: 0870 990 5007

Tom Holley
Creative Director
Media Centre Network