Tom Hapgood
Since 2008
Works in Fayetteville United States of America

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Private Property

Thu Feb 28, 2008 00:00 - Fri Feb 22, 2008

United States of America

This is a gallery exhibition opening reception. The exhibition runs 20 February through 14 March, 2008. Private Property examines ambiguous interpretations of privacy and ownership in modern life. Video, digital media and sculpture are used to create a unique exhibition which will impact the viewer on many levels. Hapgood’s work includes a piece titled “Raw Sewage” in which projection of video footage taken a sewage treatment plant is set to a “porn movie-style” soundtrack, as a statement on the effects of unrestricted access by today’s youth to debasing pornographic imagery. Hapgood’s other works include “Stop Sign Preacher” — an interactive installation that will allow gallery visitors to create their own messages to be projected onto a real STOP sign — and “Stick it to Father,” a commentary on the portrayal of the father (and men in general) on television and in advertising.

“Flyover Territory” by Bethany Springer also utilizes computer-generated images, this time taken from Google Earth, and interviews with Memphis residents of nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. When asked the question: “If you could fly anywhere in Memphis, where would you go and why?” most interviewees chose not be in Memphis. The testimony of one resident, James Mitchell, has been paired with aerial imagery in Springer’s work. “Showcase Showdown” is an installation created from demolition site materials with an overlay of carpet and vinyl animal hides as a commentary on the unseen losses related to urban development.