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PAUSE at Conflux 2006: Call for participants

Wed Aug 16, 2006 09:10

PAUSE at Conflux 2006 cordially invites you to make a little time.

PAUSE is a series of public experiments in urban time, to take place during the 2006 Conflux psychogeography festival in NYC. On each day of the four-day festival, a group of 30+ participants will gather in public space to pause together. Coordinated by SMS, participants will individually make their way to a predetermined location, freeze simultaneously for five minutes, and then simultaneously unfreeze and go on with with the rest of the day, resuming life as usual. There will be one frozen moment for each day of the festival, and each will take place in a different, well-trafficked location in public space.

As an experiment in slowing down, PAUSE asks how our understanding of time might change if, instead of being swept up in the pace of urban life, we were simply to hold a moment. In a city of relentless speed and ceaseless movement, PAUSE takes the time to make some time, creating a space in which participants and passersby might experience a different kind of time.

You are warmly invited to pause with us!

We are currently looking for participants; each event is open to 30-40 people, depending on location. A mobile phone will be needed for coordination purposes. Prior experience in slowing down is recommended, but not required.

For more information on the project, schedules/locations, or how to participate, please send an email to, or visit

Conflux is the third annual NY festival for contemporary psychogeography, the investigation of everyday urban life through emerging artistic, technological and social practice. Produced by Glowlab and co-curated by iKatun, Conflux 2006 will take place in NYC, 14-17 September 2006. For more information, visit