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Re: adobe acquires macromedia

It is a sad day for new media and traditional graphic artists.
Not sure if anyone remembers how lousy Adobe Illustrator used to be until Freehand up'd the anti (and how long GoLive lay dorment while Dreamweaver took the fire out from under Adobe).

The rivalry was exciting and it pushed both companies to raise the bar, and we benefited from that. I wish Adobe would have just settled their patent dispute with Macromedia instead of "making it go away" through an acquisition!

Ah well.... another one bites the dust, does anyone remeber how great Aldus used to be (pre-aquisition by Adobe?)



Re: Barbie--art's rights vs. copyrights-- answer to your KISS question

After reading G.H.'s posts honoria replied with her own anecdote:

(by the way - does anyone know WHY that candy is called kiss? I
never did find out.)

It was named "kiss" after the sound the machine made when pumping one of those babies out. (no lie!) and Hearshy thought it a cute name...