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F**ing Spinny Rainbow Ball (2007) - Ronan Dowling

Heh... i like the use of the Smiths song, and it is rather amusing. The fact that it makes use of an OSX UI element situates it firmly within the culture of Apple/Adobe/Macromedia 'creative' technology in my view, which, to me, essentially makes it an in-joke for Graphic Designers, and not really all that interesting in a wider cultural context. Still, made me giggle.


a trivial, generative, murderous program

However, I'll concede that if you're concerned with typographic aesthetics, perl code in particular probably isn't going to be something you'd enjoy :-)


a trivial, generative, murderous program

it produced a file (like the code is telling to do) new.htm in which is stated that art is produced in there.
it also creates and then uncreates an intermediate file called file.pl, which is used as a kind of birthgiving mechanism.

But , it still does not gives me a sensation that there is something exciting or deep meaning relted going on as the title of your code ("trivial, generative, murderous program") suggests

Or do you mean to say that that file.pl is commiting suicide after giving birth to new.htm, in that case is should be named parenticide and not infanticide.


I personally read it as drawing on the history of appropriations and re-imaginings of MTAA's 'Simple Net Art' Diagram:

Given that the html file is created by that intermediate perl file, which is generated under instruction, it suggested to me that the "Art" is created in the space where the computer executes the instructions given to it by the author, rather than in the author's instructions themselves or in the finished work. I guess that is a sort of dialectic in a sense - Generative art existing in the synthesis of authorial instruction and computational legwork, rather than in the instruction or the finished work.


a trivial, generative, murderous program


I'm a bit curious about how you're using the term 'dialectical' - in what sense can / should a bit of code or artwork be dialectical? assuming you're referring to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dialectic, and there's not some definition of the word I'm unaware of, of course!