Thomas Thiery
Since 2009
Works in Marseille France

Thomas Thiery, as an artist, concerns himself particularly with the sound medium. After his physics degree, he continued with his studies about sound and image in the « Université de Provence ». At the same time, he got in touch with graphic programming in general, and more particularly with the software Pure Data. Equipped with sensors, he collaborated as a sound programmer for audiovisual installations and dance performances. With Thierry Coduys, he completed his training at the Kitchen in Paris and worked on graphic scores with the help of Pure data and IanniX. Since then, he has focused his sound research on new forms of musical writing. To continue his work, he particularly relies on free and open source software which give him more open advantages. In 2006, still willing to explore other sound approaches, he directed himself towards improvisation techniques and created the duo Aide Auditive with Mysth-R. Since 2007, he studies Electroacoustic composition in Marseille. In 2008, he created some open project like Blank Pages and Larseneurs.