Thomas Laureyssens
Since 2005
Works in Brussels Belgium

Thomas Laureyssens (Belgium, 1976) holds a degree in Graphic Design / New Media from Sint Lukas Brussels, where he researched interactive storytelling. His goal was to merge illustration, story and interface in a consistent whole, a line of work he has continued after his graduation in 2001. He was part of a video-art collective (Visual Kitchen) with whom he explored the narrative possibilities of video in collaborative live performances.

From 2004 onwards he broadened the screen-based work he has done until then. This has resulted in the development of some independent
projects, such as the conceptualisation of the dance performance Cycle and the landscape artwork Pedestrian Levitation. With the latter he has analyses and visualises both real and virtual movements of pedestrians by applying a layer on the surface of existing architecture. Today his works covers the broad field of media, from experimental interface design and video to interactive installations.