Cheat Your Way Thin Diet Plan

The time I invested in searching for ways to shed the excess fat eventually bore fruit when I found the Cheat Your Way Thin diet. What caught my eye, was the claims that you still get to eat all the great foods (perhaps the ones that got me into this overweight situation in the first place!) and still lose weight quickly. Cheat your Way Thin - Cheat your Way Thin Diet - Cheat your Way Thin Review Intrigued, I decided to give it a shot. After all, eating yummy foods and losing weight? What was the catch?

The majority of dieters find it hard to stay on a program that requires them to stop having the foods they love. Everyone would like to succeed, but staying off your food staples can be too challenging. We begin to cheat by just tasting a little one of our favorite, to find that in a few days we can't go on with the diet. So I thought something less restrictive which is also effective at the same time would be the ideal solution for me!

I must say the concept of the Cheat Your Way Thin diet sounded too good to be true initially. How can one shed pound after pound and have doughnuts, potato fries and bacon in the process? It sounds simply unbelievable! Reading more and more about the diet though, things actually start to make sense.

Removing all the stuff you love from your diet at one time will naturally cause you to give up shortly. That is why the very fact that this program allows you to go a little off track will contribute to keep you focused.

On closer examination, the theory starts to make sense to. On most other typical calorie controlled diets, you're metabolism starts to reduce with less calories and as a result the body can go into starvation mode and hold onto the fat. When 'cheating' however, the body increases its metabolism through the extra calories from the 'cheat' food, thereby burning more fat.

Now, let's keep put this into perspective though. The Cheat Your Way Thin diet does not encourage eating non nutritious foods all the time. Rather, it is in conjunction with a strict calorie controlled plan and exercise regime combined with the occasional 'cheat' days.