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framed: new interview with Belinda Barnet


Wow, great interview; both your questions and Belinda's answers.

Belinda Barnet, 38 weeks pregnant, really kicking intellectual butt.


PS Sorry about the mixed metaphors, but now I've said it I can't get the image out of my mind of pregnant lady kicking butts until they smart...


online art-hopping

Looks like a lot of interesting sites at strangefruits. thanks for the link.


Computer Fine Arts at Haifa Museum of Art

NETworking is an excellent introduction to early 21st century Web Art. Each work is well-designed, interactive and original.

Originality is the key element. Think of walking through a gallery of recent paintings. If you know art history, as you look at each painting, a little voice in your brain is saying - “Derivative of Warhol.” “Follows Picasso in the 50’s.” “Really bad Rauchenberg.” “Fontana did it better.” And so on.

The Haifa Museum exhibits of fourteen works of Web Art. Although all the works are presented on-screen via your monitor and are thus 2D (though they may represent 3D), you feel the freshness of a contemporary sculpture garden.
Each piece takes you into a unique environment - it’s own little world. Ultimately the viewing experience is more complex, more nuanced and more rewarding than any equivalent show of static canvasses.


rhiz raw count to 10

So I am replying for the sake of replying. Isn't this somewhat meaningless? Or is this one of those "artistic" things again?