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Tue Aug 14, 2007 00:00 - Mon Aug 13, 2007

13 - 16 September 2007

OFFLOAD SYSTEMS FOR SURVIVAL - is the UK’s first interdisciplinary network media and systems arts event on nature, sustainability and ecology.

OFFLOAD brings together international, national and local artists and practitioners interested in creating socially engaged work that use new and existing media to address the core themes of ‘Trade, Network and Nomads’ and ‘Health, Wealth and Play’.

Over thirty artists will be participating in this city-wide project, presenting work that explores the themes of ‘Trade, Networks and Nomads’ and ‘Health, Wealth and Play’, interrogating ideas such as the commodification of our physical and virtual environments, and exploring the discourses and knowledge’s that have influenced our contemporary sociocultural, economic and ecological circumstances.

Central to OFFLOAD is the concept of ‘SYSTEMS FOR SURVIVAL’ - whether you consider that we have already passed an environmental ‘tipping’ point or that we are living in a post- apocalyptic state, is no longer the issue - as we are in a continual state of survival. To address our current-state-of-play an interdisciplinary approach is central. For this reason, OFFLOAD brings together artists and practitioners from different disciplines - sound and video art, computer science and net art, design, architecture, academia, broadcasting, live art and performance.

To this end several of the practitioners invited to take part in the physical OFFLOAD event have created work, which addresses the working conditions, trade agreements, technological and ecological systems we currently operate in.

Artists and practitioners including: Futurefarmers, Amy Balkin (US), Exzyt (FR), Juha Huuskonen & Tuomo Tammenpaa, Dodo (FI), Interferenze (IT), Andre Goncalves (PT), LYSN ensemble (NL/UK), Minimaforms, Polar Produce, Joby Burgess, Duncan Speakman, Jane Porter & Kat Anderson, Heath Bunting, Kate Rich, Richard Wright/Mongrel, John Thackara, Amy Feneck & James Dalby, Angela Piccini, Birgit Binder, Guy Dobson & Rachel Davies, Simon Harlow, James Kennard, Science Communication Unit/UWE, Jem Noble, Will Plowman, Matt Davies, Umbrellaspokes (UK)


Submissions are now open for the OFFLOAD ONLINE EXHIBITION. The online exhibition is a virtual extension of the physical event, which will grow as OFFLOAD develops, plus become an archive and document of work in this field.

To participate and submit your project details, go to:

Full details about online criteria and submission process are accessible via this site.

OFFLOAD was developed and curated by Polar Produce - an interdisciplinary company who work across media-live art and research. The group are based in Bristol, UK and include Teresa Dillon, Kathy Hinde, Philip O’Dwyer and Maarten de Laat.

OFFLOAD was developed in partnership with Watershed, Spike Island and CREATE and is funded by Watershed, The Finnish Institute and the British Music Information Centre with support from Bristol Visual Arts Consortium, BBC, Christian Aid: Cut the Carbon March, Media Arts Bath, Science Communication Unit, Bristol University, Cube Microplex Cinema.


NIP: New Interfaces for Performance: Polar Produce

Tue Jun 19, 2007 00:00 - Fri May 25, 2007

NIP (New Interfaces for Performance) is a unique and practical, artists led, workshop and touring event, which examines techniques for creating new media and interactive work for live performance.

We consider ‘new interfaces’ to be the creation of artistic work (music, visuals, sound, graphics, theatre), which uses or repurposes existing or emerging digital devices, tools and infrastructures to create new forms of live interaction between audience-performers, performer-performer and/or performer-instrument.

Initiated and led by the Bristol based media arts collective Polar Produce, NIP aims to support artists working in this area by creating opportunities for touring and continued professional development.

The theme for the 2007 NIP series is on gesture and movement within live performance. This refers to interfaces, which use movement, hand and body gestures, or touch as the means through which to make or interact with the work.

Over 2007 three NIP events will take place in Bristol, UK, Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Lisbon, Portugal. At each location a lead artist (Zachary Lieberman, Michel Waisvisz, Christina Kubish) has been selected to facilitate a three-day workshop, which will be attend by artists invited from the UK, The Netherlands and Portugal. As part of the tour, at each location, lead and participating artists will give public performances and talks.

NIP: Amsterdam: 19th-21st June 2007

Location: STEIM, Amsterdam
Center for Research and Development of instruments and tools for performers in the electronic performance arts.
Workshop Date: 19th - 21st June 2007
Public concert: 20th June 2007, 20.30-22.30: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam

Lead artist: Michel Waisvisz (NL), Composer, performer and instrument maker and the director of STEIM. Working in the area of hand held interfaces/instruments for live performance in a variety of contexts.

Participating artists:
Tom Bugs (UK), Sonia Cillari (NL), Isaac Carlos (NL), Teresa Dillon (UK), Ivan Franco (PT), Andre Goncalves (PT), Kathy Hinde (UK), Torsten Lauschmann (UK), Rudolfo Quintas (PT), Tom Verbruggen (NL), Andre Sier (PT).