Since 2006
Works in Mandaluyong Philippines

I am a Manila-based interdisciplinary media artist, composer-musician, curator-producer, filmmaker, and student (learning is still a lifelong process). I also curate and organize, as well as participate in various electronic art shows in the Philippines and abroad.
My work puts the focus on direct experience, risk-taking and personal interaction between artists and audience, and emphasizes the situational potential of live performance, the interplay of various media - sound and image, in particular - and candid exchange between sub-cultural and academic initiatives.

In 2005, I founded SABAW Media Art Kitchen - a not-for-profit, artist-run umbrella organization and network platform for all kinds of information and communication carried via modern electronic media art focused specially in the region of South East Asia. Since 2005, we have been producing concerts, workshops, inter-artist dialogues and forums, music albums, festivals for new media art, and experimental music and video.

From 2006 to 2008, my film work with various filmmakers got international recognition, namely: "Todo Todo Teros" (2006) dir. by John Torres -- NETPAC/FIPRESCI award in the 19th Singapore International Film Festival; "Heremias" (2006) by Lav Diaz -- Prix de Jury at Fribourg International Film Festival, "Autohystoria" (2007) by Raya Martin -- Grand Prize for Best Film at Cinemanila film festival, and "Melancholia" (2008) by Lav Diaz -- Orizzonti Prize at Venice Film festival.

I was also the first Filipino composer and sound designer among the thirty composers from 120 countries to be accepted to attend the Berlinale Talent Campus 2006, in Berlin, Germany. In 2008, I curated and organized "Sinemusikalye", a 50-feet audio-video installation/concert for the National Arts Month of The National Commission for Culture and Arts (NCCA) in the Philippines. Also in the same year I participated in The 5th Asia-Europe Art Camp: Re-Vision Bangkok | New Media Art and Interactivity and Cellsbutton: Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival.

Early this year (2009), I collaborated with California-based electro-acoustic composer and instrument-builder, Chris Brown, with my electronic sound-video performance collective, The Gangan Ensemble, for a performance called "Transmissions Gangan". The "Transmissions" series is an audience interactive, live electronic music performance series about the transmission of culture through the information media of sound and radio. It redefines the relationship of performers and audience to the radio medium, opening audio spaces to unheard voices in diverse communities by emphasizing the ability of both to create both the content and the means of production of radio communication. For this performance, radios in automobiles are primarily going to be used since it provides a more familiar experience and is easily accessible today.

Most recently, I was festival director and program curator for "ASEUM.09: Asia-Europe New Media Art Symposium" and "EAR2EYE: festival for cutting-edge music and moving image", the Philippines first new media art festival which was held in Manila last July 2009.