Tara Rebele
Since 2007
Works in United States of America

Tara Rebele is an interdisciplinary performance/new media artist and writer.

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Wed Feb 06, 2013 00:00

Call for Proposals

Organised by

Med A. Hammami, H. Rejeb, M. Moussa (University of Sousse) Tunisia

S. Fuks & J. Cunningham (Waterwheel & Igneous), C. Schultz (Griffith University) - Australia

A. Vazquez, (Reciclarte & IQlab) - Argentina

N. Rothmueller (Five Colleges, MA) - USA

- temporalities of water and environments
- water, environment and society
- risk management: flooded cities
- new technologies and water governance


Invitation to Contribute

Wed Sep 09, 2009 00:00

Artists Tara Rebele (USA), Miljana Peric (Serbia) and Suzon Fuks (Australia) invite you to contribute to and participate in a new work commissioned for the 090909 UpStage Festival, a curated cyberformance event for live online audiences and proximal audiences at RL venues around the world to take place on September 9, 2009.

The piece is a poetic, abstract, participatory performance. Part live intermedia cyberformance exquisite corpse, part virtual poetic installation, this work will explore the poetic, lyrical, polyvocal, participatory possibilities of the UpStage venue--collaging visuals, sound, text and live audience participation. Text and media contributions will be collected, produced for UpStage, and added to the mashup in the live event. These elements, along with the live audience's textual contributions, will be as necessary as the artists' in the creation of an ephemeral, interactive, poetic, performance installation in UpStage. While the work will be presented multiple times during the festival, each instance of its existence will be irreproducible. This work explores the online venue and virtual space, as an art-poem space--always everywhere and nowhere-- and the duration (20:09) as an ellipsis. This is a piece to collectively inhabit and create, a poetic experience, installation and/or poem, based in and on its own becoming.

Live audiences on September 9th will be able to participate in the piece via the UpStage venue's text chat window; however, media to appear on the stage must be produced for the venue in advance. The artists are seeking contributions of text, image, sound, and small animation or Quicktime video files for inclusion in the
piece. Each contribution should be thought of as a single element in a game of exquisite corpse.


The artists invite you to contribute:

-A line, fragment, phrase, word, etc. of text in any form (typed in body of email, contained in a digital image file, spoken, or otherwise sonically rendered, etc.)

-A digital image file (jpeg or png)

-Sound files (mp3)

-Small Flash animations (.swf or.fla, accepted in limited numbers) *

-Quicktime (we can accept a very limited number of QT files)**

All digital files should be 1 MB or less.

Email contributions (or a link to your file) to:

contribute at tararebele dot com

* UpStage is a Flash-based venue with with its own particularities for serving Flash animation files (for example: movie clips will continually loop if placed on frame one of an animation, but may not function if placed on later frames in the timeline; animations in UpStage can function as loops or be advanced manually frame by frame, etc.). If you would like to submit a Flash animation that you have not already produced, you may email us for UpStage-specific production tips. We will do our best to successfully adapt submitted animation files to the venue's specifications.

**UpStage is a Flash-based venue with limited video capabilities at this time. Please email in advance if you would like to contribute Quicktime video so the artists can work with you to determine how to best integrate or adapt your media contribution.



Wed May 20, 2009 00:00 - Tue May 19, 2009

Salvation, a cyberformance by Marelena Corcoran
with Antoinette Lafarge, Tara Rebele and Julian Hermann

Planes in the Hudson. Ferries in the sky. Join us on UpStage on 20th of May, 9 pm Venice time, local time here. There will be a link to the live stage here 30 minutes before the performance.

"Salvation," a networked performance with nodes in New Zealand, California, Virginia, Banglaore and Venicea, will be performed live at the Fondazione Querini Stampalia and to audiences worldwide via the UpStage venue. “Salvation” is a cyberformance, for which players in different countries log on to the Upstage! server in New Zealand. Upstage! requires no special software for audiences; one simply points one’s browser to the url of the “stage” to attend this performance. Audience members see the performance develop on their desktops, and hear the voices and sound effects through the speakers of their computers. For a public venue, the performance is projected onto a large-scale projection screen or wall; the sound is fed through loudspeakers.

“Salvation” brings together stories of rescue and redemption at the crossroads of land and water, New York and Venice, heaven and earth, literature and technology. Original lyrics in English feature the story of a woman who almost drowned in New York harbor, and the story of the wedding of the Venetian doge with the sea. In the background, we hear a man intone in Italian the instructions for what to do if someone falls overboard from a vaporetto: cast a life-saving ring into the sea. The ferry boats that rescued the passengers of the plane that landed in the Hudson River are hailed by the tolling bells of the Venetian Church of the Redeemer.

“Salvation” is created by Marlena Corcoran, and performed by Marlena, Tara Rebele and Julian Hermann, with performance drawing by Antoinette LaFarge, and media production by Tara Rebele. It is presented by Concordanze / Altre lingue, altre poetiche nel contemporaneo, as part of the Venice International Literary Conference, Incroci di civiltà. A networked performance, “Salvation” will be projected live in different locations around the world. A video recording will be made of the performance and shown at the Querini Stampalia throughout the conference Incroce da Civilta.


080808 Upstage Cyberformance Festival

Fri Aug 08, 2008 00:00 - Tue Aug 05, 2008

080808 UpStage Festival

Stories of identity and histories that connect countries, cultures and centuries are
among the performances selected for the 080808 UpStage Festival, which takes
place on 8 August 2008.

The festival features 14 live online performances by artists in 14 time zones, and will be
accessible to anyone with a standard internet connection and browser. People in
London, Munich, Oslo, Los Angeles and Wellington can also attend 'real life' access

A story of bridges unites the cities New York and Munich, while another performance
brings together the every-day lives of women 100 years ago in Turkey, Canada and a
Portuguese immigrant to the USA. Other performances feature a digital ego, a miniature
biome based on climate-warming data from the internet, live audiovisual mash-ups, the
celebration of the birthday of Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata, and much more.
One performance has already begun: "Calling Home" by activelayers introduces four
characters who are trying to find their way home. As well as the 080808 festival
performance, a build up of performances and appearances in UpStage and other online
environments is taking place. For more information, visit www.activelayers.net.
UpStage is software that allows audiences from anywhere in the world to participate in
live online performances, created in real time by remote players. Audiences need only
an internet connection and web browser and can interact through a text chat tool while
the players use images to create visual scenes, and operate “avatars” - graphical
characters that speak aloud and move.

Last year's festival, 070707, featured thirteen performances and was screened at the
New Zealand Film Archive as well as online. This year most shows will be performed
twice, and there will be 'real life' access nodes in London, Munich, Oslo, Los Angeles
and Wellington.

The artists involved range from experienced cyberformance practitioners such as The
Plaintext Players and activelayers, to children: the youngest performers are six years
old. In Belgrade, children attended a workshop before the festival to create their own

The full list of performances, artists, performance times and RL access nodes is on the
UpStage web site: www.upstage.org.nz. Live links to the stages will be accessible from
the UpStage web site on August 8; online audiences just need to click!
UpStage is supported by CityLink, MediaLab and Auckland University of Technology.

For further information, contact:
Helen Varley Jamieson


Summer Reading Suggestions


You've already gotten good suggestions here. The Motherwell looks really good, though I've only read a few parts so far. The Claire Bishop "Participation" that Nathaniel mentioned is a good easy read because, as he mentioned, it has a sampling of theoretical, curatorial/critical and artist's writings. And its approach to the term "participation" is nice as it attempts to expand on current offerings by looking at it through the lens of social engagement.

I think if you are meeting some resistance to longer/denser single author works something like this could be a good alternative as it offers a range of perspectives, doesn't ask the reader to invest at length in any one, yet any of the texts could serve as a catalyst for further exploration. So maybe a reader type book would work well for your purposes? Also in the same series as the Bishop Participation is "The Artist's Joke" which explores the role of humor in art. I haven't read it yet so I can't tell you much about it-- but I saw it at the library the other day and just had to grab it for its title. Now it is on my ever-growing stack of summer reads, as is the Bourriaud, which I've also been meaning to get to it ...

Not sure if the dynamic would be appropriate for your group, but you could also try running it like a book club-- where each participant gets to select one reading (a book or an article, chapter, excerpt) for the group. Or if that would be too many readings you could have everyone bring one book/text to the first meeting and allow the group to vote on the selections.

For one of my classes this spring I set up a Ning. I tried this because I hoped it would be comfortable for them--like what they do on their own time, it feels less academic than Blackboard, which they only use for classes, and it can be gotten to when they can get to it. There were some nice posts in the forums about readings and artworks. But, there was also an energy to our in-class discussions that wasn't replicated in the forums-- the buzzing and bouncing off one another that being in the same room can generate. So maybe there's something to be said for both the online and offline approaches. Perhaps try a mix?

Tara Rebele