New Media artist & Writer

Video (1983 - 2013), Multimedia Interactive & Computer design (1993 - 2008), Net Art / Web Art (1997 - 2013)

Video director, Tamara Lai turns into 1993 to the digital techniques: video, computer graphics and special effects, and the writing of news, interactive tales and poems (Cd-Roms). Early Web activist and artist of the networks (1997, (one of the belgian pioneers), creator of sites, performances cam_&_chat, videoconferences…, and particularly of participative digital spaces “between happening and ephemeral art”...

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WANDER is my new project ::

Videos :
art, music, docs : short films shooted while strolling through various places and countries and meeting people...​
in progress...


Tamara Lai


Looking for QI

Thu Sep 23, 2010 00:00 - Thu Sep 23, 2010


Looking for Qi (or Chi, or Ki ...), the life force.

First stage: China
Next step: Europe

It is a project (in Flash) that requires a fast connection. WARNING : To properly view the videos, you must first download each page entirely.

wishing you a good visit.


artist statement

there are so many splendid people of which nobody knows the names



yes, something innate
then, one can choose in making career or not

maybe each person is a potential artist as any discipline can be carried out with art, which combines sponaneity and control (no, this n' is not a nonsense !)



This was there an ultimate provocation. One is born 'artist', as one is born black, yellow, white…
The rest (success, career…) is especially a question of circumstances, ambition, opportunity (ies)…

I do not give up art, but with the capitalist system in which art is involved.
Satisfaction of the need to be recognized (and loved!), by the objects, even virtual, that we produce, is a perpetual fight. This fight for the "paraître" is all the opposite of freedom.

Ce n'était là qu'une ultime provocation.

On naît 'artiste', comme on naît noir, jaune, blanc...
Le reste (succès, carrière...) est surtout une question de circonstances, d'ambition, d'opportunité(s)...

Je ne renonce pas à l'art, mais au système capitaliste dans lequel l'art évolue.
L'assouvissement du besoin d'être reconnus (et aimés!), par les objets, même virtuels, que nous produisons, est un combat perpétuel. Ce combat pour le "paraître" est tout le contraire de la liberté.

"La liberté ne se conquiert pas. C'est l'absence de lutte qui est liberté.
Nous créons et entretenons ce contre quoi nous luttons."
(Bertrand FREYMOND 'Le Guerrier du Troisème Millénaire')