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Video (1983 - 2013), Multimedia Interactive & Computer design (1993 - 2008), Net Art / Web Art (1997 - 2013)

Video director, Tamara Lai turns into 1993 to the digital techniques: video, computer graphics and special effects, and the writing of news, interactive tales and poems (Cd-Roms). Early Web activist and artist of the networks (1997, (one of the belgian pioneers), creator of sites, performances cam_&_chat, videoconferences…, and particularly of participative digital spaces “between happening and ephemeral art”...

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Date : Sun, 01 May 2005 09:02:59 +0200
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new CD by Ralph Lichtensteiger |

sonorite sans memoire | voyage acoustique (2005)

[1] I commencer · demarrage · 5:02
[2] II retour · attarde · 11:34
[3] III ordre · desordre · 4:12
[4] IV voyage acoustique · 20:11
[5] V danse · chanson enfantine · 7:35
[6] VI paysage musicaux [exterieur] · 29:19

Total 77:55

Ralph Lichtensteiger : piano, double bass/Track [4], percussion, gong,
timpani, vibraphone, xylophone, glockenspiel, congas, cymbals, gurgle
shells/Track [5], whistle, mod. violin/Track [4]

Track [1] Inscribed material : Study No. 9 (Studies 2000, Klang/Fragment
disc 4)

Track [4] Inscribed material : Study No. 5/2nd (Studies 2000, Klang/Fragment
disc 3)

Track [6] Software instrument : FontanaMixer 1.0 by Dr. Karlheinz Essl,
generative sound environment based on "Fontana Mix" (1958) by John Cage

Dr. Karlheinz Essl's website :

Digital environment recording : Jan. 12, 13 and Feb. 9, 2005 via Sony
DAT-Recorder (ZA5ES)
Digital piano recording : Feb. 2005 (Roland RD-150)
Percussion recording : Nov./Dec. 2004

Realization/Software : ProTools, Spark LE, Spongefork (Track 4),
FontanaMixer (Track 6)

Cover photo: Child, Arles (France) 2004 © by Ralph Lichtensteiger

Limited release, Edition of 50 CD's | All compositions by Ralph
Lichtensteiger © 2005 by musique trouve · Frankfurt

"And if I went on listening to that far whisper, silent long since and which
I still hear, I would learn still more, about this. But I will listen no
longer, for the time being, to that far whisper, for I do not like it, I
fear it. But it is not a sound like the other sounds, that you listen to,
when you choose, and can sometimes silence, by going away or stopping your
ears, no, but it is a sound which begins to rustle in your head, without
your knowing how, or why. It's with your head you hear it, not your ears,
you can't stop it, but it stops itself, when it chooses. It makes no
difference therefore whether I listen to it or not, I shall hear it always,
no thunder can deliver me, until it stops."

— Samuel Beckett, Molloy, p. 40

"It is in the tranquillity of decomposition that I remember the long
confused emotion which was my life, and that I judge it, as it is said that
God will judge me, and with no less impertinence. To decompose is to live
too, I know, I know, don't torment me, but one sometimes forgets."

— Samuel Beckett, Molloy, p. 25

"A writing that refers only to itself and a writing that refers indefinitely
to some other writing might appear noncontradictory: the reflecting screen
never captures anything but writing, indefinitely, stopping nowhere, and
each reference still confines us within the element of reflection. Of
course. But the difficulty arises in the relation between the medium of
writing and the determination of each textual unit. It is necessary that
while referring each time to another text, to another determinate system,
each organism only refer to itself as a determinate structure, a structure
that is oper and closed at the same time."

— Jacques Derrida, Dissemination, p. 202

E 12,90 | order

incl. shipping (Germany)
plus E 4 (Europe)
plus E 6 (international)


All Compositions by Ralph Lichtensteiger. Copyright 2005 by
RALPH LICHTENSTEIGER | musique trouve Frankfurt

You can order all CDs via email | subject: CD order

If you order outside Germany there are additional costs. Shipping costs for
Europe: 4,00 E
Shipping costs for USA/Canada/Asia: normal mail 6,00 E | air mail 8=
,00 E

Please let me know if you have any further questions.
Kind regards,

Ralph Lichtensteiger

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"sacrifier le/ Sacrifice / sacrificing" >>>>>>NOW<<<<<<<

> "sacrifier le / Sacrifice / sacrificing"
> - don de l'Autre / gift of the Other :: Mots-cles / Key words > cathars=
ys ;
> purification ; exorcism(e) ; abandon(ment); reno(u)ncement ; separation...
> - don de Soi / gift of the Self ::Mots-cles / Key words > offrande / of=
> oblation ; devouement / devotion ; volontariat / voluntariate ; amour /
> love...


"sacrifier le/ Sacrifice / sacrificing" Dead line

sacrifier le / Sacrifice / sacrificing"

1. don de l'Autre / gift of the Other :: Mots-cles / Key words > catharsy=
s ;
purification ; exorcism(e) ; abandon(ment); reno(u)ncement ; separation...
topics :: sacrifices rituels / sacrifices d'enfants : prostitution,
pedophilie / travail / avortement / esclavagisme... / ritual sacrifices /
sacrifices of children: prostitution / work / abortion / slave system...

2. don de Soi / gift of Oneself ::Mots-cles / Key words > offrande /
offering; oblation ; devouement / devotion ; volontariat / voluntariate ;
amour / love...
topics :: art : art charnel, body art / sacrifice parental / travail /
religion : sacerdoce, saints, martyrs / politique : patriotisme,
militantisme, attentats-suicide, femmes voilees ... / art: carnal art, bo=
art / parental sacrifice / work / religion : priesthood, saints, martyrs /
politic : patriotism, militancy, attack-suicide, buckled women...

Deadline : 31 mai 05

!!! Apres cette date, chaque participant recevra une partie de mon corps
virtuel - autoportrait nu (photo) grandeur nature, imprimee et coupee =
morceaux signes. After this date, each participant will receive a part of=
virtual body - self-portrait naked (photograph) natural size, printed and
cut of signed pieces.

Merci d