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switch media: 2nd Call for Submissions / prolonged entry deadline

switch media: 2nd Call for Submissions / prolonged entry deadline switch media_ art festival pathiharn electron [supernatural] – Chiang Mai, Thailand – 6th-30th April 2004

We wish all of you a peaceful, successful & happy 2004 :-)

Please forward to interested parties.

switch media chiang mai is an independent, non-profit artists initiated organization run by an international team with different backgrounds and skills in art, new media and project-management. switch media’s main objectives are to introduce & educate & train interested parties with new media art under experimental conditions; to intervene in the overall development of new media with an artistic approach; to evaluate the use of new media (art) in contemporary society.

switch media_ art festival 2004, Pathiharn Electron [Supernatural], will celebrate & inspire new ways of thinking about our changing technological world. The festival will consist of exhibitions, installations & screenings of new media art; special events like experimental sound works & happenings in public space; workshops, lectures & an international conference (23rd-25th April 2004). The festival’s main location will be the Chiang Mai University Art Museum, but some activities will be held throughout the city of Chiang Mai. These extended activities will be a way to acknowledge & explore Chiang Mai’s rich social spaces as its night markets, food stalls, karaoke bars, internet cafes, video arcades, etc.

We hereby invite interested artists and theorists, organizations and institutions to participate in pathiharn electron [supernatural]. We especially invite the neighbouring region.

switch media accepts any form of digital media art – which includes digital video, sound & music, computer based/generated works, online-experiments, software, games, asf. As the festival will happen throughout Chiang Mai we especially look for submissions which can be used in installations. A team of curators will select the works. Selection results will be sent out by mail or email in February 2004. switch media will produce a documentation.



Festival date: 6th-30th April 2004
Conference date: 23rd-25th April 2004
(Main) Venue: Chiang Mai University Art Museum

PROLONGED deadline for installation submissions: 31st January 2004.
PROLONGED deadline for other submissions: 15th February 2004.
Deadline for conference papers (watch out for different call): 15th February 2004.

All submissions _must_ be send by REGISTERED mail to:
switch media chiang mai
c/o Chiang Mai University Art Museum
239 Nimanhemin Road
Chiang Mai 50200

PLEASE inform us by email at: switchmedia@inter.net when you send submissions! If you’ve sent submissions before & haven’t received our confirmation – please get in touch at: ong@culturebase.org! Please, don’t send any material by email!

Submissions should include:
1) The Entry Form (see at bottom)
2) ID (name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone, fax) and short CV (max 300 words).
3) CD, VCD, DVD or video-tape of the actual work.
4) Technical requirements & data-format-specifications.
5) If the proposed piece is conceptual, please send a short description (max 500words).
6) If the proposed piece is an installation, please include a short description (max 300 words) & an illustration/sketch.
7) If the proposed piece is netbased, please send the URL.



For general information on switch media or the festival pathiharn electron [supernatural]:
mailto: switchmedia@inter.net
website: http://switchmedia.culturebase.org
phone: +66-53-907169
fax: +66-53-907169, +66-53-218280

For administrative & partner information:
Rudolf Stoert
mailto: r_stoert@gmx.net

For other administrative questions:
Ratchanok "Nok" Ketboonruang
mailto: nok@culturebase.org

For artist administrative inquiries:
Pisithpong "Ong" Siraphisut:
mailto: ong@culturebase.org

For media or other communications inquiry Rachada "Cat" Laohapenseang
mailto: cat@culturebase.org

You’re hereby invited to join our mailing-list:
mailto: switchmedia-subscribe@topica.com


switch media_ art festival pathiharn electron [supernatural] PARTNER (December 2003):

_project partner:
Chiang Mai University Art Museum @ http://cmu-museum.org Media Art & Design Center, Chiang Mai University @ http://www.mediaartdesign.org Multimedia Art Asia-Pacific (MAAP), Australia @ http://www.maap.org.au aboutTV, Bangkok @ http://www.superchannel.org (click AboutTV)

_project supporter:
Chiang Mai Province Governor
Chiang Mai Municipality
College of Arts, Media & Technology, Chiang Mai University Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF) @ http://www.asef.org Goethe Institut Bangkok @ http://www.goethe.de/so/ban rhizome.org @ http://www.rhizome.org

_partner projects:
Kulturserver, Germany @ http://www.kulturserver.de Culturebase, Germany @ http://www.culturebase.org Tsunamii.net, Singapore @ http://www.tsunamiii.net/makanarttalk-net
Project 304, Thailand @ http://www.project304.net


Entry form:

Deadline for installation submissions: 31st January 2004.
Deadline for other submissions: 15th February 2004.

Submissions must be sent by REGISTERED mail to:
switch media chiang mai
c/o CMU Art Museum
239 Nimanhemin Road
Chiang Mai 50200

An international team of curators will select the submissions in 7 categories (see below). Selection results will be sent out by mail or e-mail in February 2004. Besides submissions in 7 categories Curators and switch media together will select artists to invite to Chiang Mai. Please let us know if there’s a deadline for your personal invitation because of travel-/visa-restrictions.

Artist Name: ________________________________________________________________
Contact Address: _____________________________________________________________
Telephone: ________________ Fax: _______________ Email: ________________________
Website/URL: _______________________________________________________________

switch media accept submissions in these categories (please choose the most appropriate one):

1) Video [ ]
2) Music/Sound [ ]
3) 3D/Animation/Special Effects [ ]
4) 2D-Computer Grafix [ ]
5) Internet & Software [ ]
6) Games [ ]
7) Installation [ ]

Please describe your submission (you can also attach a short description, in English or Thai, max 300 words): __________________________________________________________________________

As we know of the difficulties SouthEastAsian people experience when trying to work with new media, switch media doesn’t set any technical format limitations. There simply are too many digital data formats around, each with its own features & restrictions. Inform us about the technical requirements necessary to make you submissions real & alive -- & we’ll see if it’ll be possible: ___________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________
[Submissions should be sent as CD, VCD, DVD or VDO (PAL)]

Previous Exhibitions/Festivals: _________________________________________________________

Prizes and Awards: ____________________________________________________________________

[ ] CV
[ ] Artists Statement (max 300 words)
[ ] Submission Concept (max 300 words)
[ ] Stills or Slides (at least 2, not more than 10)
[ ] Photo of the Artist (optional)
[ ] Sketch of project/installation
Please note: None of the above checklist items will be returned.

Artist _________________________________________ hereby agrees to submit a piece of new media art titled _______________________________________ for switch media_ art festival PATHIHARN ELECTRON [SUPERNATURAL], 6th—30th April 2003, Chiang Mai, Thailand on the conditions of the regulation of the festival.

Signature _____________________
Date _________________________

switch media cannot insure any kind of transportation.
Every incoming submission will be acknowledged by e-mail.
Communications should be in English or Thai.


Chiang Mai, 6th January 2004