Susana Mendes Silva
Since the beginning
Works in Lisboa Portugal

Susana Mendes Silva (Lisbon, 1972) is a visual artist that lives and works in London and Lisbon. She studied Sculpture in FBAUL (Lisbon, PT), and is a PhD candidate in Fine Art (Studio Based Research), Goldsmiths College, London. She was awarded a grant from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.
Her work reflects about the intimate, the everyday and the artworld codes and processes, and it develops in a rhizomatic way experimenting and using several media.

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private t'shirt+performances


adriana molder . joao onofre . joao pedro vale .
joao vinagre . joao miguel rodrigues . nuno alexandre
ferreira . susana guardado . susana mendes silva .
patricia romao . paulo romao bras


person with t'shirt [performance]
maria joao garcia + susana mendes silva

strip [performance]
nuno alexandre ferreira

direccao de projecto | project director
sofia ferreira

inauguracao | opening 29-09-2005, 18h-21h

a loja do lopes
rua barao de quintela, 3 r/c.
horario 14hh/19h * 2


private t'shirt

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Susana Mendes Silva+ Publico (Centerfold)+ Jurgen Bock

Entre as Linhas: O Impulso Alegorico no Trabalho da Susana Mendes Silva |
Between the Lines: The Allegorical Impulse in the Work of Susana Mendes


FW: Joana Rosa | Livraria Ass=?ISO-8859-1?B?7Q== rio & Alvim | Inaugura a 08 de Setembro pelas 19h

Livraria Assirio & Alvim

Entre os proximos dias 08 de Setembro e 07 de Outubro de 2005, a livraria
Assirio & Alvim ira apresentar uma instalacao de desenhos inedito=
s a grafite
e pastel sobre papel vegetal de Joana Rosa.

A exposicao, com comissariado e texto de Joao Silv